He sweeps, he scores!

Published on Wed, Dec 5, 2012 by Ian Ferguson

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For the first time, Birch Bay residents will be able to celebrate the New Year with some friendly international broom hockey competition.
At the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce’s regular November 20 meeting, Northwest Park & Recreation District 2 office manager Heidi Holmes announced the first International Broom Hockey Tournament to be held as part of the New Year’s Day Birch Bay festivities. 
On Tuesday, January 1, 2013, a team of at least six Birch Bay players will be facing off against a team from Canada after the annual Polar Bear Plunge. The game will be held free of charge on pavement in the Birch Bay Waterslides parking lot, with three 15-minute periods per game. Participants must BYOB (bring your own broom), but an official broomball will be provided.
Broom hockey is like ice hockey, but players use brooms instead of hockey sticks to  move, pass and shoot a broomball (like a soccer ball, but smaller) into their opponents’ hockey net.
“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Holmes said. “We need lots of spectators. After the Polar Bear Plunge, go get a hot shower, change out of your costume and head over to the waterslides for some international broom hockey.”
There are still openings for the Birch Bay team, and anyone interested can contact Holmes at 360/656-6416.
In other news, four members of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce who were elected at the annual general meeting October 18 were announced at the November 20 meeting. The board holds elections for half the board every year.
Those elected at the annual general meeting: Dave Hiller, president (Muljat Group), Marty Stauffer (Oltman Insurance), Heidi Holmes, treasurer (Northwest Park and Recreation, District 2) and Nancy Stull (Banner Bank).