The best of the Blaine Police Report: July 3 to December 16, 2012

Published on Wed, Jan 9, 2013
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July 3, 10:58 p.m.: Police received a call from two frightened young women when a stranger showed up at their front door and started peppering them with personal questions. Officers arrived in short order and peppered the gent with a few questions of their own.  It turned out that the man worked for an asset services company, and was there trying to repossess a car. The girls renting the house were glad to hear that, because the person whom Repo Man was tracking had moved out before they moved in, taking the car with him. The company agent was not glad to hear that, but apologized for the worry he had caused and left to continue his lonely pursuit.

July 4, 1:24 a.m.: An officer patrolling on Peace Portal Drive and Bell Road saw a motorist pull up and stop at the intersection, turn off his car’s headlights and then continue driving down the road. The officer and passenger shared looks of amazement at this development as their two cars passed in the night. An inevitable roadside conversation ensued between driver and officer, interrupted occasionally by the driver berating himself for the headlight slip up. It turns out he had been trying really hard to escape attention, because he was wanted on a felony warrant for escape, driving with a suspended license and carrying personal use marijuana. The 27-year-old Bellingham resident was arrested, booked into jail for his various misdeeds, but only given a warning for his Freudian slip of the light switch. His still amazed girlfriend from the passenger seat was arrested and released at the scene for marijuana possession and drove her vehicle home after the stop.

July 9, 9:35 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a report that a possibly intoxicated driver had just run his car off the side of Peace Portal Drive just south of Hughes Avenue. Officers arrived and found that the driver had already gotten a ride from the scene. He was arrested a short time later in the county by Washington State Patrol. A trooper found the man trying to drive a tractor from his farm in Custer back to Blaine to drag his car out of the ditch. 

July 11, 12:12 p.m.: A lady driving in Blaine spotted a 1989 Dodge truck she saw tied to a parked car hauler and recognized it as one that had been stolen from her father out in the county. The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the theft report, and Blaine Police secured the stolen vehicle. The pickup was turned back over to its rightful owner. The owner of the car hauler was located. He explained that he purchased the pickup from a couple at a Bellingham restaurant who offered to sell it for a very, very low price. 

August 26, 10:26 a.m.: A resident called police to check the welfare of her neighbor, whom she had not seen nor been able to contact for some time. An officer scaled the neighbor’s fence and peered through the missing woman’s kitchen window. He could see the lady inside, washing dishes about three feet away, and called to her by name. Following a movie-worthy scream, the woman came outside and was reunited with her concerned neighbor. No dishes were destroyed during the event.

August 28, 1:01 p.m.: Blaine Police were dispatched to Customs and Border Protection-Peace Arch crossing after a fledgling post-modern baker arrived at the border with a bag of fresh baked brownies that contained a special ingredient prohibited by law. A Blaine officer confirmed that the baked goods indeed had suspected marijuana in them via a chemical field test. The Oregon resident was arrested, cited and released with the court date for the offense.

September 1, 8:37 p.m.: While on night patrol an officer driving on 3rd Street came under aerial attack. Fortunately for the officer the seagull underestimated its weight ratio relative to the Dodge police cruiser, and the threat was instantly neutralized. The officer held a quick memorial service for the winged warrior and removed the remains from his car’s grill and the roadway. A report was generated by department policy in case daylight reveals damage to city property.

September 7, 8:09 p.m.: Police responded to a call of a disturbance at an apartment on D Street where combatants were arming themselves with golf clubs. Word apparently spread that The Law was enroute, because arriving officers saw several folks leaving the area. One man who did remain refused to stop creating a disturbance and forced a physical confrontation with another man. The 44-year-old Blaine resident antagonist was arrested for disorderly conduct and booked into jail.

September 12, 6:09 p.m.: Police were dispatched to an apartment complex on F Street to once again intercede in an ongoing disagreement between neighbors. This time one of the ladies was upset because she had been sitting outside in a common area enjoying the afternoon shade, when her nemesis came out and started taking photographs of her. The photographer was contacted, and she explained that the landlord had instructed her to take pictures of anything that she found bothersome. On the upside, at least they’re shooting cameras.

September 20, noon: A motorist called Blaine police wanting to share a UFO sighting he had experienced the previous evening. He explained that he had been traveling on Peace Portal Drive about 9 p.m. when he first spotted the object in the sky to the west. It appeared to have a green glow, red lights on its fringe, and was moving up and down very quickly. The witness said that by the time he pulled over, the object had disappeared. An officer explained that the object and its strange lights were most likely the small remote controlled airplane that has lately been frequently spotted over Drayton Harbor by local sky watchers. 

October 26, 1:25 p.m.: A young man on Odell Road was a little more than startled when a large mouse popped up beside him and fixated on his unexpected visitor. Unfortunately the gent was driving his pickup at the time, and the next thing to pop up was the much larger Puget Power light pole that he crashed in to while trying to come to grips with the rodent. Man and mouse survived the collision, but the motorist’s desire to exterminate his passenger was overcome by his need to first extinguish his vehicle, because a fire erupted following the wreck. The Blaine officer who arrived at the scene discovered that the truck had careened out of the city limits and into the county’s jurisdiction before crashing and catching fire, so the final twist of bad luck in the long mouse tale fell to the sheriff’s deputy to respond and fit the entire adventure into a traffic collision report.

November 17, 3:15 a.m.: Two young men were out collecting clams on the Semiahmoo Spit tideflats when one started to sink in the mud and began yelling to his friend for help. His cries awakened the residents of nearby homes, and police were called. A Blaine officer and a Border Patrol agent responded to investigate and found everything quiet, as the victim had clammed up after self-extricating from the muck. The pair were reminded of the hour and promised to keep the noise to a minimum. 

November 20, 5:10 p.m.: Police were leaving a call at a multifamily housing complex when a smoke alarm sounded from an upstairs unit. An officer contacted the apartment’s lone resident and found that the elderly lady had decided to take a nap when her building’s power went off. Unfortunately she nodded off and forgot about the meal she’d been cooking on the stove when the power failed. She was fast asleep when the lights and the stove came back on, so dinner’s charcoal remains and the police at her door were garnish to her rude awakening in a smoke-filled apartment. The officer helped her turn off her appliances and ventilate the unit.

December 16, 1:26 a.m.: A couple sleeping in their sailboat at Blaine Marina were awakened by two people thrashing about on the deck. They yelled out at the intruders to interrupt whatever crime was being committed overhead, and the thrashing trespassers abandoned ship and ran away as the live-aboards called 911. Blaine officers and Border Patrol agents arrived in time to apprehend the two adults leaving the area, and a witness positively identified the 25-year-old woman and 24-year-old man. The pair eventually explained that they had climbed around the locked Gate 1 marina entrance to get onto the floats, intending to board a vessel and commit romance. They claimed they set the boat to rocking only after no one answered their knocking. They were given criminal trespass citations and copies of their arrest photos to commemorate their sailing adventure.