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Articles published Thu, May 3, 2001

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Letters to the Editor -- May 03, 2001


Flute pipes sounds of therapy

As you approach the simple wooden cottage outside Birch Bay, you can hear the melodic emanations from within, the birdlike sounds muffled by the rustic...

Boats need new tabs too!

The weather’s getting warmer and boating season is just around the corner, so that must mean it’s time to renew your tabs.

Teen center looking for your help

“The idea behind it is simply put: connect, mentor and serve,” said organizer Ken Martin of a new youth center opening in downtown Blaine. “...

Sophomores helping seniors

Thirty Blaine high school students are giving up their precious time to help out the elderly this weekend.

Art in the park is turning heads

Watch out for giant chickens, grumpy geese and massive tulips. Peace Arch State park is sprouting some strange summer residents.

Elementary school glue gets her due

Some say it’s the secretary, not the principal, who actually runs a school, and while self-effacing Blaine elementary school secretary Linda Thompson...

Planners want manufactured home limits

by Meg Olson

Regional sewer estimated to cost $32 million

Since the summer of 1999, sewage treatment in Blaine has been up a creek without the proverbial paddle. The city may have found an oar, however, in the...

Video tells of tall ships and fish factories.

The salmon rush that began in the nineteenth century along with the timber industry, sustained the growth of many communities along the coast. Waters rich...


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