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Articles published Thu, Jan 24, 2002

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Letters to the Editor -- January 24, 2002



A man, an artist and a portrait

Wanna job?

U.S. Customs will hold an open house in Blaine on January 31 to recruit applicants for positions as customs inspectors at Washington ports of entry.Customs...

Shellfish fest for harbor cleanup

Groups working to improve water quality in Drayton Harbor want to see more public involvement and awareness, and they’ll be using oysters and mussels...

Busts along border bring agents back from the south

The ebb and flow of border patrol agents from San Diego to Blaine continues with another temporary detail of the agents, this time to help patrol between...

Police snag internet sex predator

A Blaine 13-year-old could have been one of dozens of young girls whose sexually explicit pictures were seized from the computer of a 72-year-old Santa...


Police Report -- January 24, 2002


Sports -- January 24, 2002


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