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Articles published Thu, Oct 24, 2002

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Letters to the Editor -- October 24, 2002


Tryouts and signups!

Blaine Barracuda RegistrationBlaine Barracuda’s registration meeting is slated for 6 p.m., October 28 in the middle school cafeteria. Youths, ages...

Election 2002: State house of representatives

We continue our 2002 election coverage by asking a few questions of candidates for state representative positions..

Bang! And it all goes goodbye

At 4:30 p.m. Monday the gavel rang down for the last time on a marathon auction which cleared the Geographics building of everything from printing presses...

Border agencies increase access hours for NEXUS

Nexus users crossing at Blaine ports of entry now have 13 hours a day of continuous access to the commuter lanes, but with a hitch. If the traffic is backed...

Three wet but happy boaters pulled from water

The Mayday call received by the Coast Guard last Wednesday night ended abruptly. “Oh, my God, here we go. We’re going down right now,” said...


Police Report -- October 24, 2002


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