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Articles published Fri, Jan 3, 2003

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Letters to the Editor -- January 03, 2003


2002 IN REVIEWBlaine fine arts association

Blaine Fine Arts Association (BFAA) is an organization dedicated to promoting and providing enrichment in the fine arts for students enrolled in grades...

2002 IN REVIEWBlaine Airport Commission

It has been a busy year for the airport. The trees at the south end are not down yet, but we are getting close. The council condemned an easement over ...

2002 IN REVIEWBlaine School District

The Blaine school district is celebrating an exciting 2002 and looking forward to wonderful events in 2003.Over the past 12 months we have seen many changes...

2002 IN REVIEWBlaine Chamber of Commerce

2002 was a very successful year for the Blaine Community Chamber of Commerce. In February we held the second annual Bite of Blaine which offered delicious...

2002 IN REVIEWBirch Bay Chamber of Commerce

Your board of directors for the last year has been Ruth Lauman, Julie Gerity, Ted Morris, Pat Palmer, Jana Soloway, Cheryll Ryan, and myself. The board...

Stafholt administrator retires

“I’ll miss turning the corner on a foggy morning and seeing this bright green roof,” said retiring Stafholt Good Samaritan Center administrator...

2002: The Year in Review

Another year flew by and a flock of changes with it. For our first issue of the new year we’re taking a look at the past 12 months and the events ...

Changing the guard at Blaine public works

Blaine public works director Grant Stewart is moving on to drier pastures. On January 3 he will leave his position in Blaine to take over the public works...


Police Report -- January 03, 2003


Sports -- January 03, 2003


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