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Articles published Thu, Jan 9, 2003

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Letters to the Editor -- January 09, 2003


Gardner on tax appeals board

Former Blaine city council member and now former state Senator Georgia Gardner won’t be out of a job. Governor Gary Locke has selected Gardner, an...

2002 IN REVIEWBlaine Senior Center


City tarred with White brush?

Former Blaine City Council member David White is angling for his Warhol-alloted 15 minutes of fame through a campaign to recall Senator Patty Murray. However...

2002 IN REVIEWWashington State Legislature

It just wouldn’t be New Years without some reflections and predictions! I like to think that we can learn from what has happened and use that knowledge...

Water quality regs up for review

The state department of ecology is starting a rewrite of the state’s water quality standards and has scheduled a series of public meeting on the new...

Marina starts work on storm repairs

The Semiahmoo Marina breakwater is being stabilized after it failed to hold in a Christmas storm.“There was some new construction and it failed. We...

Locals oppose Trillium plans for more condos

A newly-formed watchdog group is raising a red flag over Trillium plans for more condominiums on Semiahmoo Spit.“I feel the spit is an ecological ...

School to close as teachers flock to budget rally

Schools will be closed on Tuesday as over half of Blaine’s teachers head to Olympia to tell Governor Gary Locke that his budget proposals undermine...


Police Report -- January 09, 2003


Sports -- January 09, 2003


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