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Articles published Thu, Apr 22, 2004

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Letters to the Editor -- April 22, 2004


Thai Steakhouseopens up on Birch Bay Drive

byJack Kintner

Achievingan Asian look in your garden

Helloagain. Do you love living in the Northwest? At leastwhen it isn’t raining? Although even as an ex-Californian(you know how we love our sun),...

Girlgets fire department award

On February 20, 10-year-old Halli Forsman saved her momslife when she called 911. Home alone with her mother whileher dad was working late, Halli came ...

Blaineteenager’smurderer convicted

by Brent Cole

Newsin Brief

Deception uncoveredAfter sending the police on a wild goose chase, the managerof the Northwoods Motel finally broke down and confessedto police that he...

Lummilawsuit settled

It’sbeen five long years since the archaeologist at GolderAssociates drove back to the office with human remainsfound while working on the site for...

Africanboy ready to go home

byJack Kintner

Sewerplant location seen as a good thing by some

Afterthe initial shock of the potential placement of the wastewaterfacility on Marine Drive site has worn off, some cityleaders within Blaine have done...

Localgroup considering council plan changes

The Birch Bay Steering Committee (BBSC) met in a specialmeeting April 21 to consider the revisions made to theirsubarea plan by the planning and development...


Police Report -- April 22, 2004


Sports -- April 22, 2004


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