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Articles published Thu, Jul 15, 2004

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Letters to the Editor -- July 15, 2004


Ahome of their own

Fivemonths and seven days after breaking ground last March,Cassi Jordan and her three children moved in to their newhome at 702 E Street. It’sthe...

Skiinga long way from home

CameronEvans is a third-generation waterskier from Auckland,New Zealand, who came 7,000 miles, much farther thananyone else, to enter last weekend&rsquo...

Onthe Waterfront By Jan Hrutfiord

Theharbor is pretty quiet right now, no major fishing goingon during the month of July. The local draggers are fishingfor bottom fish in Puget Sound, and...

Needfor speed spells j-a-i-l

“Iwanted to get some cash together for more drugs,” said19-year-old Trevor Lynn Dubois of Blaine after being arrestedJuly 7 for first degree...

Changingthe face of Blaine

Theway Blaine planning director Terry Galvin sees it, ina decade you’ll have trouble finding parking alongBlaine’s waterfront. There will be...

JazzFestival gets off to a rousing good start

“I’venever been to Blaine before,” saidBlaine Jazz Festival faculty member Vijay Singh, “butwhat a gorgeous place!” Singh...

Headto Discovery Days this weekend

ArrMaties, you’ll be spillin’ your guts withlaughter ‘fore you’ve even seen half the funand you be forced to walk the plank or ...


Police Report -- July 15, 2004


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