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Articles published Thu, Aug 5, 2004

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Letters to the Editor -- August 05, 2004


Lookoutfor seals, legal advice

NationalMarine Fisheries Service is asking for your help in locatingan injured or dead adult harbor seal in the vicinityof Point Roberts, Semiahmoo, or...

SeasideBakery opens up

by Jack Kintner

Witha little help from my friends

TheBlaine Jazz Festival, after three years a growing annualevent, is becoming an institution in its own right thanksprimarily to the energy and vision ...

Onthe Waterfront

Thelong hot days of summer got to a lot of people, who werehoping for cooler days, rain, whatever it took to get ridof the heat.

Andthe Lady sails on

byJack Kintner

Newsin Brief

City permit activity ahead of county statsFirst and second quarter construction stats are in andshow a healthy increase in both residential and commercialdevelopment...

Boysgo down under for fun and sport

July27 is not likely to be a day that 10 Blaine baseballplayers will remember for the rest of their lives. Infact, it is a day that they didn’teven...

Commissionreceives funds to create a master plan

Aftermonths of negotiating with the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA), the city’s airport commission has reacheda deal that is bringing $112,000...

BPCherry Point prepares for future needs

TheBP Cherry Point Refinery, the northwest’s largestrefinery with a production capacity of 230,000 barrelsper day, shut down this spring for 40 days...


Police Report -- August 05, 2004


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