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Articles published Thu, Oct 7, 2004

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Letters to the Editor -- October 07, 2004


Smoke alarms:1st line of defense

Installsmoke alarms correctly and test them regularly.

Whatyou can (and can’t) take across the U.S. NEXUS

Allplants, plant products, animals, meats and animal productsmust be declared at time of entry into the United Statesregardless of whether they are allowed...

Ploverferry: Looking towards the next 60 years

byJack Kintner

Soldierhappy to be home

ThisSunday, Christ Episcopal Church in Blaine will help oneof their youngest members celebrate his second birthday.The gifts, however, will all go to his...

NEXUScrossing rules eased up

The Department of Homeland Security is loosening rulesfor the NEXUS lanes to allow commuters to shop on theirway home.“We’re doing it for consistency...

DOEplaces strict environmental controls on GSX

The Washington state Department of Ecology (DOE) issuedstringent conditions last week for the Georgia Strait Crossing(GSX) natural gas pipeline being proposed...

MayorSchugt leaves legacy of new methods

Blainemayor Dieter Schugt died at home just after 10:30 a.m.on October 4, leaving behind not only family and friends,but a new way of doing business for...


Police Report -- October 07, 2004


Sports -- October 07, 2004


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