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Articles published Thu, Oct 21, 2004

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Letters to the Editor -- October 21, 2004



The League That LastedNeil W. MacdonaldMcFarland & Company, Inc. Publishers$29.95

Cityplans to object to county zoning decision

Thecity of Blaine isn’t happy withzoning changes recently adopted by the county along withthe Birch Bay community plan. According to city managerGary...

Itall boils down to the money

Ata joint work session of the Citizens Wastewater AdvisoryCommittee and Blaine City Council participants listenedto 10 different ways Blaine could treat...

Brochureto attract birders

Thecity of Blaine has produced 10,000 copies of NorthwestBirding, a new brochure that will “encourage peopleto see this as an important birding area...


Workersfrom the Bow Hill Mill began the process of removingnearly 500 trees from the area south of the Blaine airportthis week, ending an effort that began...

Timeto sign up for Boys & Girls club basketball

Basketballseason is here for kids in grades K through 8th grade.The Blaine Boys & Girls Clubhas started registration for the 2004-2005 winter season.Registration...

LincolnPark: Blaine’s first park

LincolnPark is our first Blaine public park. Purchased by thecity in 1906, it is about 29 acres of beautiful nativetrees, with walking/jogging paths winding...

‘HotRod’ Hamilton to turn 80

Oncea hot rodder, always a hot rodder.

BirchBay Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting and DinnerStephani’s Restaurant October 19, 2004

Inspite of the baseball playoffs Tuesday night Stephani’sRestaurant had a full house for the Birch Bay Chamber ofCommerce annual meeting and dinner...

Aroundthe City

Shirley packs it inAfter 26 years in city hall, Shirley Thorsteinson is retiringat the end of the year. “She’s kind of theheart and soul around...

Blaineharbor wins environmental award

ThePort of Bellingham’s Blaine Marina has beenhonored with a five-star rating by Whatcom County’sEnviroStars program. This program certifies...

Auditorcatches ballot error

Thecounty auditor has discovered that 836 ballots out ofthe more than 70,000 absentee ballots mailed last weekwere issued with the wrong name on the mailing...

Brunkowappointed to council

Airportcommission member Bob Brunkow has been appointed to fillthe vacancy on city council left by the October 4 deathof mayor Dieter Schugt.

Teencourt proves effective in fighting juvenile crime

“Ilike it because we’re taken seriously,” saidBlaine junior Nancy Khoury, one of two coordinators forthe 27 Blaine high school students...

Developmentpace appears poised to increase

OneBellingham developer, Joel Douglas, has long had hiseyes on Blaine and there are strong indications thatFairhaven developer Ken Imus is also poised ...


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