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Articles published Thu, Jan 20, 2005

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Letters to the Editor -- January 20, 2005


Localartist wins contest

Localartist Connie Orgonas won the second annual Smuggler’sInn art contest with her watercolor of “Blaine Lighthouseon a Stormy Night,&rdquo...

Hearingexaminer extends public comment period

Ahearing has been set for 2 p.m. next Wednesday, January19, in the Whatcom County Courthouse to review aspectsof the proposed Great Links at The Bay development...

2004:A monumental Year

Followingtheir selection by an international jury in February, 10outstanding artworks from an international group of artistswere placed on display in April...

DraytonHarbor: Cleaner every year

2004has been a banner year for Drayton Harbor clean-up efforts.Due to the persistence of the Drayton Harbor shellfishprotection district advisory committee...

Worldpremiere composition impresses audience

Threecomposers caught my attention at the Pacific Arts Associationconcert Saturday evening. Although they wrote demandingpieces that made their performers...

Firefighters,helping out...

NorthWhatcom Professional Firefighters IAFFUnion Local 3867

Developerreconsidering Blaine building plans

DeveloperKen Imus is reportedly having second thoughts about developingproperty in Blaine, in part due to restrictions on thekinds of concessions he&rsquo...

Waterproblems at the bay

Officials at the Birch Bay Water & Sewer Districtare recommending that homeowners check their residencesfor water leaks after last week’s freezing...

PeacePortal condos planned

“Thisis the beginning, the first,” Blaine communitydevelopment director Terry Galvin advised city council membersas they got their first taste...

Hertzgiving go-ahead on 650 home development

Bellinghamdeveloper Ken Hertz said earlier this week in meetingswith Blaine city officials that he will go ahead withhis plans to buy the 450-acre development...

Countyasked to cut Blaine’s growth area

Countyplanning commissioner and local shellfish booster GeoffMenzies is asking the county to trim the Blaine UrbanGrowth Area (UGA).


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