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Articles published Thu, Mar 31, 2005

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Letters to the Editor -- March 31, 2005


Teachers express support for Newell

Last Monday night the Blaine school board met for the firsttime in the new educational services building, and theyneeded the room the more spacious quarters...

Plannerbites off more than he can chew

Citypolice specialist Raylene Heutink’s quick thinkingand first-aid training saved a choking co-worker this week. “Terryhad a close call this...

Localartist show opens April 1

Blaineartist Jano Argue has been busy these past few weeks gettingready for her first major show in the area. It begins Fridaynight with a 6 p.m. artist...

City,developer struggle to find east Blaine solution

As citycouncil closed the month-long public hearing on proposedchanges to east Blaine developers’ agreementscity manager Gary Tomsic expressed frustration...

Cityadopts skatepark to park family

Thecity of Blaine has officially adopted the skatepark behindcity hall. At their March 28 meeting city council votedto add the skatepark to the city family...

Isit good or is it bad?

Springmeans it’s time to clean outthe garage. But, how do you know what to toss and whatto store? Here are some general guidelines for many commongardening...

Designingyour front yard and entry

I believea well-designed entry space should do more than just satisfypedestrian movement from the street or driveway to thefront door. It can display an...

Residentscontinue to oppose Seagrass proposal

“Thiscan still be a beautiful spot,” saidDean Francis, “and the rights of property ownersto develop their property need to be protected...

Airportrunning up against borrowing limit

Blainecity council hastily approved a loan to the from thecity general fund reserves to the airport, strapped forcash and facing mounting financial demands...


Police Report -- March 31, 2005


Sports -- March 31, 2005


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