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Articles published Thu, Sep 29, 2005

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Letters to the Editor -- September 29, 2005


Onthe Waterfront

Theharbor will be busy this weekend – commercialcrabbing starts on the first of October. Crab pots arestacked on docks all over the harbor, waiting...

BlueStar rededication

TheBlue Star Memorial Highway Marker, honoring people whohave served in the U.S. Armed Forces has been replacedand will be rededicated Monday, October ...

Blainepolice chief reflects on more than 25 years service

Blaine police chief Mike Haslip, has witnessed many changesto both the city and the police department in his morethan 25 years in Blaine.Haslip first joined...

Son’sperseverance wins out

Propelledby his feet, the desk chair twirled around stopping longenough to communicate. The pilot looked like a typicalteenager, living a typical teenagers...


Retro gets modern facelift


Blaine school districtadministrators, parents, faculty and students met during a Blaine schoolboard meeting last Monday to recognize Terre Shapiro as Northwest...

Trilliumindicted on fraud charges

TrilliumCorporation and David Syre are facing fraud allegationsas part of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’slegal pursuit of principals...

NewOrleans family happy to be in Blaine

“Theworst part was not knowing where my mom was for severaldays,” said Blaine resident and New Orleansnative Sue Cushman, who finally connected...

Residentsponder future of east Blaine

Blaineresidents, developers and city officials gathered todiscuss planning of east Blaine at one of the Blainecommunity workshops at the Blaine fire station...


Police Report -- September 29, 2005


Sports -- September 29, 2005


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