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Articles published Thu, Dec 1, 2005

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Letters to the Editor -- December 01, 2005



Theformer Dairy Queen on H Street, next to the Cost CutterGrocery, has become Blaine’s firstcredit union. The old drive-in opened on Tuesday, November29...

Hydrogen= Water and get up and go

Ifsomeone were to offer you a test drive in a new car thatruns on air and puts out only water as exhaust, you mightnot be too surprised if he tried to ...

LocalShopping Guide

With gas prices at record highs, who needs to drive toBellingham? Especially when there are many interestingplaces to shop with lots of unusual items such...

Winterfestarts and crafts show opens this Saturday

Cana small-town girl from Mt. Orab, Ohio, find happinessraising camels in Blaine?

Youthshadow Blaine officials

Fifteen local highschool students took their civics lessons to the street, or ratherto city hall.

Draftborder station EIS published

TheU.S. General Services Administration (GSA), a federalagency that operates the Peace Arch Port of Entry in Blaine,has published the first draft of its...

Propertyowners question city’s GMA interpretation

Propertyowners along Sweet Road don’t think it’sfair that Blaine’s water lines run right past, orthrough, their property, but they can...

$100,000state grant awarded to city of Blaine

TheWashington State Transportation Improvement Board (WSTIB),a state organization that distributes grant money forlocal transportation improvement projects...


Police Report -- December 01, 2005


Sports -- December 01, 2005


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