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Articles published Thu, Jan 12, 2006

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Letters to the Editor -- January 12, 2006


2005in ReviewBirchBay Water & Sewer District

• Provided drinking water and wastewater services torapidly growing Birch Bay area.

2005in ReviewBlaine City Council

Asa fast-growing smaller community, Blaine had a numberof issues facing the city council during the past year.

2005:The Year in ReviewContinuedfrom the Jan. 5 edition.

July•A policy by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection(CBP) that requires customs agents to check the identificationof every traveler against a national...

Cityto help with legal expenditures

Blainecity council has agreed to pick up the tab for threeof the four individuals named in a conflict of interestlawsuit initiated by David White.

Councilapproves right of way vacation

Blaine will sella 9-foot-wide strip of right-of-way on 4th Street back to developerJoel Douglas so his stalled Seascape condominium project can proceedwithout...

Smugglersless than ecstatic now

Nearly12 pounds of ecstasy pills were seized at the truck crossingon the Pacific Highway early January 4. The drugs werefound taped under the clothes of...

US-VISITsystem hitting a technological wall

TheUS-VISIT program is entering its third year, and nextsteps for the system monitoring who comes and goes inthe United States involve more technology,...

MayorMike Myers leading the show now

A quiet coup at city hall has ousted boisterous mayorJohn Liebert and replaced him with the most reticent citycouncil member: Mike Myers.At the January...


Police Report -- January 12, 2006


Sports -- January 12, 2006


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