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Articles published Thu, Sep 27, 2007

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Letters to the Editor -- September 27, 2007



Blaine furniture store has long-time roots

Storiesfrom the border...

Publisher’s Note: Living,visiting and working as we do on the 49th Parallel, theborder has an undeniable impact on our lives. Borderpolicies and ...

Council sets public hearing to vote on hearing examiner

Maintaining public input in the planningprocess was the central concern in a decision by the Blaine PlanningCommission to withold support of an expanded...


Max Shelton withdraws fromcouncil race

Liebertto stay on ballot, Forslof says

WhatcomCounty Auditor Shirley Forslof determined earlier this week thatfirst ward city council member John Liebert’sname will remain on the general...

NEXUSmemberships dwindling

Atthe end of June the NEXUS program turned five years old,with 130,000 members nationally, and slated for continuedexpansion. But some wonder if the program...

Gregoirecalls anticipated border waits ‘unacceptable’

Washington State Governor ChristineGregoire may have pioneered a state driver’s licensepilot program earlier this year, but it won’t beof much...

NWFRSruling will stall development permits

Adecision by Whatcom County hearing examiner Michael Bobbinkthat certain Birch Bay developments may proceed withouthaving to pay fees the fire department...


Police Report -- September 27, 2007


Sports -- September 27, 2007


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