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Articles published Thu, Jun 26, 2008

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Letters to the Editor -- June 26, 2008


Birch Bay annual sand sculpture competition

Photos by Karl King

Library Link

The library is abuzz with activity as it flies into summer with fun choices for the entire family!

Bay Automotive’s Stan Calhoon a man of many talents

Stan Calhoon is a man of many trades and maybe even a master of several.

School board recognizes retiring faculty, award winners

The Blaine school board accepted the resignation of long-time member Pebble Griffin, effective at the end of next September, at their regular meeting on...

Best summer burgers are healthy and delicious

With patriotism in our hearts and fireworks in our eyes, we’re all fixing to light up the barbecue and party on the 4th of July.

Gregoire, Campbell join forces in border plan

Governor Chris Gregoire, along with British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell intend to visit their countries’ respective capitals, Ottawa and Washington...

BBWARM meeting scheduled July 1

Residents within the Birch Bay watershed could pay an additional $60 to $108 in taxes in 2009 if the details of a new funding plan are approved next month...

Clumsy Lovers headline Blaine’s 4th of July bash

Blaine’s Old Fashioned Fourth of July celebration hit the big time several years ago when due to a combination of factors it drew several thousand...

City approves ‘buy back’ for green customers

The city of Blaine has just made it easier to be green.


Police Report -- June 26, 2008


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