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Articles published Wed, Sep 2, 2009

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Letters to the Editor - September 3 - 9, 2009


SLIDESHOW - Loomis Hall artist lofts and gallery opening night

Young At Heart

Find out what's happening at the Blaine Senior Center

Blaine extends sewer to some outside city limits

Some property owners outside city limits but within the Blaine urban growth area (UGA) may be able to connect to the city’s sewer system, Blaine City Council decided last week.

Developers discuss their plans for downtown Blaine

Blaine City Council’s recent action excusing water and sewer hookup fees has given new life to a 58-room three story hotel project, according to developer Fred Pakzak. The $3.3 million project is planned for the corner of Fourth and D streets, and Pakzak said he hopes to have it open and working by the Olympics next February.

Septic tank class offered this month

Homeowners wanting to perform their own septic system inspections will need to attend one of two classes offered by Whatcom County Health Department during the next two months.

What the Sam Hill?

Blaine’s annual Peace Arch Dedication Days at the Peace Arch State Park has been cancelled

B-17 takes a little flight down memory B-17 takes a little flight down memory lane

When Birch Bay realtor Mike Kent was a child, growing up in Oregon he played on an old bomber mounted atop a local gas station in Milwaukee, Oregon. Last month he got to play on some of the same parts, except this time the bomber actually flew.

Newspaper veteran Ron Miller speaks at Semiahmoo

Ron Miller met just about every famous TV and movie actor in his 22-year career as a syndicated columnist for the Knight-Ridder newspaper chain. Personal stories about people who have been household names for decades fall out of him like beans from a slit coffee bag.

Reverse mortgages an important financial tool

There are many factors in today’s society that have made reverse mortgages more popular – and more necessary. People are living longer than ever before and spending more time in retirement. At the same time, they tend to underestimate their retirement savings needs.

Simple, low-cost improvements for the home

According to consumer advocate Remar Sutton, there are many ways to save energy and other resources around the home without spending a lot of money. And taking action sooner rather than later will lead to ongoing savings on utility bills, so a little cash outlay now will more than pay for itself in the long run.

Home Depot teams up to help Blaine family

Home Depot and the Whatcom Volunteer Center have joined forces to help the Ness family of Blaine. In early 2009, the Ness family lost their father in a mobile home fire. The grieving family moved into a different mobile home they had purchased for very little money, but it was substandard housing.

1959 Blaine high school 50th reunion


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