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Articles published Mon, Aug 1, 2011

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County had stopped Cherry Point site work last week

Whatcom County natural resources supervisor Wayne Fitch had told the engineering consulting firm doing work at the Cherry Point site to stop on July 22, according to an email exchange just posted to the county planning and development services website (PDS). The firm, AMEC Earth & Environmental out of Abbotsford, B.C., is contracted with SSA Marine to drill monitoring wells and perform earth core sampling at the site. This work is in preparation for the environmental impact statement SSA Marine must present to the county in order for the $600-million Gateway Pacific Terminal to be built.

County council member Weimer questions work done at Cherry Point Terminal site; SSA Marine reacts

A few weeks ago, Whatcom County Council member Carl Weimer discovered trees had been cleared for dirt roads in the Cherry Point area. He asked county Planning and Development Services (PDS) if they knew anything about these roads and if SSA Marine, the company proposing the multi-million-dollar Gateway Pacific Terminal for the site, had anything to do with it.


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