Letters to the Editor May 28 - June 3, 2009

Published on Thu, May 28, 2009
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The Editor:
Misinformation has been put into The Bellingham Herald stating that I, Charles Hawkins, will not be running for office for a second term.
Whoever put out this false information has never talked to me or discussed anything about my upcoming campaign plans.
This letter is to let you know that I am running again for Blaine City Council in the upcoming election.
Honesty, integrity and common sense are my strengths. 
Charles Hawkins
The Editor:
My name is Jason Snow, and I manage Peace Arch State Park. A special thanks goes out to these volunteers who dedicated their time at the park. They helped get the park ready for the summer season. Thank you to Paul and Sue Atchison, Robert Hendricks, Mary and Tim Hodgson, John Yirak, Victoria Sweet, and Shari Cain.
Jason Snow

The Editor:
Attention fathers. Sunday, June 21 is Father’s Day. Woohoo!
So, what do you plan to do? I mean, what do you plan to do that’s different from what you do every other Sunday? How about doing something with your family that is entertaining and helps provide for the greater good of all the children in Blaine and surrounding communities.
Treat yourself and your family to the Father’s Day benefit concert by Victoria and Dan Sabo at the Blaine P.A.C.
The 90-minute program begins at 7:30 p.m., admission is by donation and all the proceeds will go toward the purchase of new playground equipment at Peace Arch State Park.
Make this Father’s Day one to remember with an evening of music the whole family will enjoy.
John Yirak

The Editor:
Please allow me to extend a warm invitation to families in Blaine and surrounding Whatcom County, to attend a musical offering and benefit, which has been organized by Richard Clark and the staff at the Peace Arch State Park, on Father’s Day. My name is Victoria Ebel-Sabo, and my husband and I, both pianists, will be performing this concert with children and families in mind! I have recently been honored to receive the award, “Composer of the Year, 2009” from the Washington Music Teachers Association. Our program will include lots of original music, including children’s songs, solo piano music, dance music, and the premier of a newly commissioned work, “The Legend of Silverheels.”
“The Legend of Silverheels,” a fantasy for two pianos, was inspired by the 13,825 ft mountain which rises behind my family’s cattle ranch in Colorado, located near Fairplay, a small mountain town at 10,000 ft.
As a young girl I rode horses and drove cattle over Red Hill Pass, to the Westpasture, a wild and spacious alpine valley which swept towards Mt. Silverheels. Our Hereford cattle summered in this high pasture, which is home to bear, elk, coyotes, fox, and mountain lion.
The “Legend of Silverheels” reveals a strikingly beautiful young dancehall girl who enraptured the miners with her splendid dancing in silver slippers.
When a tragic smallpox epidemic brought death and despair to the mining camps in the early 1860s, Silverheels cared for and fed the miners. It is said that she contracted the dreadful disease herself and that her face was horribly disfigured. Sadly, she disappeared. As the epidemic waned, a mysterious veiled figure was seen visiting the gravestones of the miners. Was it Silverheels? To honor her beauty and generous spirit, the miners named a majestic mountain, which I have climbed, after her.
All proceeds from this concert will go towards playground equipment for the Peace Arch State Park. First, let’s share and listen to music, and then we can all go play! We would love to see you there.
Victoria Ebel-Sabo

The Editor:
If you own or plan on owning property in Blaine, be sure to request and review a copy of the 37-page draft critical areas development recommendation, that has been prepared by the city of Blaine department of community development.
Needless to say, this is a draft that is full of legal jargon that will confuse you and any good attorney and leave you wondering if you have any rights as a property owner.
It starts out in part one giving property owners a sense of fairness and security with regards to owning property, when it states that the draft is designed to “protect property rights, allow for flexible compliance and minimize regulatory impacts on development!”
At this point everything sounds pretty straightforward? After you read the next 34 pages you will see that as a property owner the regulatory impacts on your property are quite stringent and in no way do they “minimize impact on development.”
Without our planning commission and council making some major changes to this state mandated agreement, we are once again blindly trusting government at the state and local level.
Hopefully, in 2008 we learned to question government regulation or lack of regulation at all levels. On June 8, be sure to show up at city hall and ask city council to make some changes to this critical area ordinance.
I find it interesting that a city could build a sewer treatment plant right on the water next to a public park and then tell its citizens that they need 250-foot buffers if they have a few mud puddles, a little vegetation, and some ducks flying in and out of their property.
Dennis Hill

The Editor:
The Blaine Boys & Girls Club will be holding its annual Dinner Auction on July 18 under a festive tent on the Semiahmoo Spit. All of you are cordially invited to attend, and specific information about the event will be published soon in The Northern Light.
The theme of the event is All Hands on Deck, a direct reference to the incredible support that our kids at the club receive from all of the “hands” in the greater Blaine community. The generosity of local individuals and merchants to this event (and to the club in general) is truly gratifying and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have donated, or who plan to participate in some manner, for being willing to join our team and pitch in for our kids.
As in all of our events, All Hands on Deck will do its best to utilize and showcase the goods and services of our loyal local businesses and merchants.
All of us at the club sincerely urge all of you to follow suit. Please patronize our Blaine and Whatcom County businesses. They are faithful members of our community team and they deserve our support.
The Blaine Boys & Girls Club wants to express its sincere thanks to all of you who stand with us in behalf of our kids.
Bryan Johnson, board president
Blaine Boys & Girls Club

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