Letters to the editor - June 11 - 17, 2009

Published on Wed, Jun 10, 2009
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 The Editor:
Hello Blaine. My name is Beth Waters and I am a 2003 Blaine high school graduate and I am currently in my final year as a landscape architecture student at Washington State University. My senior project is based on our great city and involves connecting the three main green spaces in town (Peace Arch State Park, Marine Park and Lincoln Park) to the school district.
I will be working both in Blaine and in Spokane during the school year to complete my project. However, my work cannot continue without one important element:
Your input!
Simply put, I’d like to know what you think! What do you think of the park systems we have now? What improvements might be made? How might my designs make the parks more enjoyable for you?
This is your town, and your opinion is what matters most to me in my project. If you would like to email me with questions, suggestions, or simply to obtain more information, I would greatly appreciate it!
I have also compiled a survey online that I would love to have you complete. The link for the survey is: FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?sid=q6nr2lj7v8nu6vg603470. Or you can email me at rosewater248@yahoo.com with your suggestions or questions and I can email the link to you. Thank you very much!
Beth Waters

The Editor:
My name is Josh Tussing and I am starting a Capri Sun pouch brigade at Blaine elementary school. For every Capri Sun pouch turned in, the school can earn two cents. I would like to ask that families and people to make a Capri Sun recycle bin to save up Capri Sun pouches. We can turn the pouches in at the start of school. Be green, earth green.
Josh Tussing

The Editor:
With over 500 hotdogs given away at the end of the year barbeque, the 2009 Blaine youth baseball (BYB) season is officially over with another successful season under our belt. With over 300 kids ranging in age from five to 14 pulling off a great season involves many people. The list of people that volunteer their time and energy to coach and help out is too long to name so to all of them, “thanks a bunch!” You guys are the reason that the season even happens. Many thanks to Jim Kenoyer and the Blaine school district for the use of the fields and gyms. We are very grateful. The biggest thank you I have to give out; however, is to the businesses that support us. With tough times hitting everyone, those of us on the board knew how important it would be this year to get the sponsorships we needed to make sure everyone had a chance to play. No child was denied the privilege to play because of the generosity of the local businesses that step up to the plate. We have taken out an ad in this edition of the paper and we hope that you will take the time to look it up and remember to support them as they do us. Also I wanted to send out a big thank you to the Northwest Park and Recreation District 2. If you haven’t attended one of their meetings lately, you are missing out. They are doing great things for this community. They were able to give BYB enough money for scholarships, first-aid kits for all the gear bags, and money used to purchase badly needed equipment.
Thanks again to everyone and hope to see everyone out at the fields next season.
Christie Rector, BYB Secretary

The Editor:
I would like to express a public thank you to two wonderful teachers: Mrs. Hollander and Miss Hitchcock. Thank you for going the second mile this year for my kids. Thank you for your little acts of kindness that I heard about and the ones that I didn’t. Thank you for your redirection and sensitivity when the occasions arose. Thank you for your service to our community and our country. With gratitude,
Mary Brockett

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