Letters to the Editor July 16 - 22, 2009

Published on Wed, Jul 15, 2009
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The Editor:
On the 4th of July, while most Blaine residents celebrated this nation’s independence, a select group of individuals donated their time and skills for the benefit of the Blaine Food Bank. 
In exchange for food products or cash donations, the stylists from New Edge Hair Design provided free haircuts.  By day’s end, the drive yielded close to 100 pounds of food and almost $400 in cash donations.  The Blaine Food Bank sends a big thank you and a big hug to our friends at New Edge for their participation in this food/fundraising event. 
We could not provide personal independence to our clients (in the form of food subsidies) without the continuing support of our community’s businesses and/or the incredible individuals who donate as well. 
To ensure our continuing ability to serve the Blaine, Birch Bay, and Custer areas, the Blaine Food Bank needs a few more incredible individuals who are licensed and insured drivers to help with the daily routine of retrieving food from local businesses.
If the idea of donating two to three hours a day, 7 to 10 a.m., for one or two days a week as food bank driver appeals to your inner spirit of volunteerism, please contact the Blaine Food Bank at 332-6350 for further details. Thank you.
Robin Kendall,
Blaine Food Bank

The Editor:
I have in my possession documentation that shows a clear and present level of corruption, malfeasance, misuse of public money, the likes have never been seen before.
The documentation I have is legal documentation that would stand up in any court in the land.
What is even worse is that this corruption is being condoned by this mayor and council and continues to be taking place as of this writing.
I for one am not going to sit by and watch our money be wasted without putting up a fight, and bringing this corruption to the forefront.
I have been trying to tell you people for years that something stinks in this city and now, I am going to blow the lid off this corruption.
This entire council should be held accountable for this corruption to continue to be allowed to continue without doing something about it, and because they won’t, I will.
It is allowed to continue because this council does not do its homework and never questions anything, they just allow it to continue at your expense.
I for one, and even though some of you have been critical of me, I am not going to allow these [deleted] to continue to ruin this city and waste not only my money, but yours as well.
Get ready to be woke up to the harsh reality of what goes on in this city, and how the council lets it slide, and continue.
David White

(Ed. Note: Mr. White’s letter was edited as shown in order to comply with The Northern Light letter policy regarding personal invective.)

The Editor:
I would like to send a special thank you to T.C. Trading for making the Blaine Volleyball Boosters hot dog stand a huge success.  They are a genuine asset to our community and their support for our local athletics is amazing.
Thanks also to all the volleyball parents and players who volunteered their time or equipment.  You are an awesome group to be involved with.    
Sheli Moore

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