Letters to the Editor - October 22 - 28

Published on Wed, Oct 21, 2009
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The Editor:
We are writing to thank the many individuals who spent numerous hours putting Deb Cummings’ cancer benefit together and those who gave so generously to benefit Deb in her battle against the rare, aggressive lyophobic cancer. The teamwork and commitment of so many of you made it a successful event.
We have raised $14,411 towards Deb’s cancer bills thus far. Anyone who is still interested in donating may do so at any Whatcom Educational Credit Union Branch. Please make donations payable to the Deb Cummings donation fund.
Thanks again to all of the colleagues, friends and community members that helped make this event possible. The benefit was a success thanks to you and you know who you are!
Hope, courage, faith!
Denise Magnusson, Team Deb

The Editor:
The sound management of urban growth is the greatest responsibility we entrust to our local elected officials. If mismanaged, excessive growth turns into ugly and resource tapping sprawl. Alternatively, weak growth is bad for business and leads to missed economic opportunities. Ken Mann has found the happy medium to these two extremes.
Time and again Mann has shown leadership in smart growth management. For example, his real estate development and property management companies specialize in the restoration of older buildings in our neighborhoods, which fights sprawl by creating new working and living spaces in previously underused buildings and increases the value of surrounding homes and shops. I am confident Mann will bring this sharp business sense with him into his seat on the county council.
Mann’s proactive nature in the improvement of our cities does not stop with his business sense, however. More importantly he has been on the Whatcom County planning commission for six years, and served as chairman for two. This fact alone makes him superbly qualified to stand on the county council. As an avid backpacker, Mann’s actions to protect our environment from mismanaged sprawl allow me to trust in his vision for Whatcom County.
Brian Pierce

The Editor:
I support the election of Michelle Luke for county council. She understands that our local businesses need to be supported, not undermined, in order to expand job creation.
The current council does not have a comprehensive vision for a vibrant economy as evidenced by their reckless fiscal policies during this economic downturn.
I want Whatcom County to be a better place for my grandchildren and Michelle Luke is dedicated to a balanced approach that will preserve our quality of life for generations to come.
It is time for new leadership. We need to elect citizen candidates who know how to create a profitable future for Whatcom County. Vote Michelle Luke for county council so she can put her expertise to work for the benefit of our local economy.
Wathagene Bailey

The Editor:
Your vote to reject Referendum 71 is your personal vote saying it is all right to continue abusing children. These are children from loving families; children in need of homes that those in heterosexual relations cannot accept as being God’s children. Our constitution supports freedom of religion that means we each have the right to believe what we want to believe. Separation of church and state was a principle of our founding fathers.
That means believe as you wish.
All laws should be for human rights on all fronts and support equality for all. Anything different means freedom and equal treatment for all is in question and all are at risk.
Voting approval on R-71 shows you support equal rights for your fellow Washingtonians. Voting to reject 71 indicates you would have been at home in WWII Germany with your support of religious and racial hatred.
Robert Fisher

The Editor:
In the 42 years I have lived in Whatcom County I have seen it go through many changes. Worse and worser! They bet our future on four Cs, commercial (Canada) and construction (California). Wrong!
The developers and realtors are the ones who manipulated the housing industry until it bottomed out and put us in the financial mess we are in.
Whatcom County has been blessed with some of the most productive farmland in the U.S. There may come a time when we depend on this very land to put food on our tables. We can’t rely on others. Rural life must be protected.
Forget the rhetoric and false claims by some and look at the special interest they represent. I have known Ken Mann, Carl Weimer, Dan McShane and Laurie Caskey-Schreiber for years. I respect their values and integrity. They will listen to you, consider options and make a decision that is the best for all of us.
Jackhammers tear out old asphalt to widen off ramps and add freeway lanes; foundation crews and framing teams scurry to cover the last inches of unbuilt land; developers cram thousands of identical units over hillsides and small valleys.
It seems to be less the land of dreams than the land of disregard. It is all for sale under the spacious skies, every last amber wave of it, view lots with a peek of the purple mountain majesties, God shed his grace on thee. Please, not here!
Vote for Kenn, Carl, Dan and Laurie.
Donna Macomber

The Editor:
I have gotten to know Kathy Kershner, and I can say without doubt that she has the leadership characteristics that make her more than qualified to be on the Whatcom county council.
This amazing woman served for 22 years with the U.S. Navy as an intelligence officer. She has the tested and proven track record of making decisions that are thoughtful, fair, and take into account the perspectives of everyone.
Now she works as an evaluator of state assistance programs to the developmentally disabled. It is a job that requires compassion and understanding of the plight of those who are the least fortunate among us. Kathy’s life is a reflection of the motto, “There but for the grace of God, go I.”
I am so impressed that now Kathy is stepping up to serve the citizens of Whatcom County as a council member. Her only agenda is to listen, to respond, and to make decisions on behalf of all citizens.
It is an honor to be voting for Kathy Kershner.
Norma Johnson

The Editor:
I’m fed up with the current county council. They want to save farmland, but they pass rules that are putting farmers out of business. They want to keep the county rural, but they hit septic tanks with a hefty new fee that amounts to a tax. Even existing businesses in rural areas aren’t safe; they want them to sell out and move to Bellingham, where even in this market land prices, if you can find any zoned appropriately, are far higher than where these businesses are located now.
I know we have environmental and other problems that need to be addressed, and federal and state laws to comply with, but other areas, like Skagit County, are solving their problems without making impossible the very rural lifestyle that the current council members claim to believe in, and that survey after survey shows that the average person believes in.
It’s time for change: A change in attitude, a change in perspective, a change in policies, and an improvement in results. For those changes to happen we need to elect Mary Beth Teigrob to the Whatcom County council.
Jill Brown

The Editor:
In a recent interview in the Bellingham Herald, David White claims he has national and international English teaching credentials.
That statement comes as a shock to me, my sister, (who taught for about 30 years in California) and my husband. Together, we have 99 years of teaching experience in three different states.
Each state has its own credentials system and it is necessary to take and pass university courses in order to acquire a teaching credential for that state.
Neither my friends nor I have ever heard of a national or international credential. Does anyone else out there have one?
Audrey Bowman
Lummi Island

The Editor:
I am writing to urge all citizens who care about preserving the natural beauty and healthy lifestyle of Whatcom County to vote for Ken Mann. Ken has spent many years devoting time and energy to efforts aimed at responsible use of our land, sustainable farms and small businesses.
I have worked and discussed issues with Ken for over eight years and know that he is dedicated to a vision of Whatcom County that balances the demands of growth with the need for clean water and open space.
As a county councilman Ken Mann is certain to consider all viewpoints just as he has done as a planning commissioner, a radio show host and as a business owner.
Ken knows the local issues inside and out and knows how to work with leaders on all sides of the table to get the best policies possible for Whatcom County.
I know Ken Mann as a loyal and true friend. Your vote will win you an honest and responsible county councilman.
Tom Chisholm

The Editor:
It is time for Whatcom County voters to elect a citizen representative to county government. Bill Knutzen is an average citizen perfectly suited to represent the welfare of regular citizens.
As a client of Bill’s business, Communications 2000, I can tell you he is a man of integrity whose first priority is to serve the needs of his customers.
This is a rare quality these days and it is always a pleasure to stop by his store and have him resolve my latest problem. He always looks out for my best interest.
Now it is time to share Bill Knutzen with the rest of the community and put his problem solving know-how to work for all of Whatcom County. Bill understands that serving his customers is the foundation of a successful business and he will put that same attitude to work for all county citizens.
Paul Joostens
Joostens Roofing, Inc

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