Letters to the Editor - December 10 - 16, 2009

Published on Wed, Dec 9, 2009
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The Editor:
The picture on the front of last week’s issue of The Northern Light had a typographical error. It stated holiday tree, when it should have been Christmas tree, or have they changed December 25 to Holiday Day?
David Grant

The Editor:
On November 30, our storage unit at Birch Bay Business Park was robbed. Along with the yet to be given Christmas gifts hidden there, the majority of our decorations were taken.
Our family heirlooms, a simple glass ball painted by our son years ago, a figurine handed down through generations from our grandparents who are no longer with us. A special glass ornament collection, one added each year after a son’s birth marking a family event including the passing of his grandfather.
A collection of Santa figures from our family holidays, or as a gift given from loved ones who knew they would be special to us; items that hold no monetary value at all however are priceless to our family.
In an effort to understand the mentality of such behavior we’re assuming the focus of the break-in were the shopping bags you obviously at some point saw being dropped off at the storage facility.
The question to the responsible parties; what possible value the containers clearly marked “Christmas decorations” could hold for you? At what point in your thought processing did you arrive at “we’ve got what we wanted, the store bought merchandise. However, let’s add insult to injury to this family and take their decorations as well which will certainly add sorrow echoing through future generations”.
Although not easy we will figure how to replace those yet to be distributed gifts taken however, the lifetime of irreplaceable memories, which are now most probably discarded in a trash pile or tossed aside insome hidden location can never be replaced.
A family’s memories and heirlooms intended to be passed on to our son extending our family history to future generations.
What goes around comes around; Karma is a lifetime certainty. Is there a slim chance you may have a small bit of decency in you? That perhaps the responsible parties might consider returning our Christmas decorations anonymously to where they came from? Anywhere on the Birch Bay Business Park property after hours would work, you wouldn’t be seen, please?
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Greg & Sheila Breakell

The Editor:
“I believe in you.” “I love you.”
Thank you, kids, for the Christmas cards you included in this holiday drive for food and presents for Aaron’s Charley Company, First Battalion, Seventeenth Infantry Regiment.
At this season of the year, when peace on earth is wished for, but unobserved, we yet live in peace here, and may live with peace in our hearts, because of the selfless, unreserved love which motivates us. Our military forces are in the field, all over the world, kept there because of their love. Love of country, comrades, family. Love for you.
It was said to one of our extended family members, “What do you care, he wasn’t your brother.” For all of you who do care - who prize the rights, privileges and liberties that we as free citizens of a free country enjoy - thank you for your show of support for these great young men and women who still put themselves in danger and stand in the gap for us every day.
Aaron is gone. We will go to him. He shall not return to us. Let us now remember the living, and rededicate ourselves to them, to let them know that they are not forgotten, that we are thankful for them, their choices, their service.
I wrote to Aaron and his buddy, Gary Gooch. There were things I wanted to say, but didn’t. I would write to them later. Those letters will remain unwritten.
All the volunteers do thank you for your generosity, and commend to you the remembrance of all who serve, and who have served. Merry Christmas.
Mark Aaron Aamot

The Editor:
Loomis Hall, at 288 Martin Street in Blaine, hosted a wonderful event for its artists on Friday, December 4. The director, Barbara Wean, invited the Blaine high school art students and artists from the Blaine Boys & Girls Club to display their work along with the professional work represented by the Loomis Hall artist lofts.
Our community donated over $500 dollars at this event to split between the high school and Boys and Girls Club. Thank you Barbara for including us and a heart felt thank-you to the community for the donations. We appreciate our community’s generosity!
Brian Smith, Blaine high school
art teacher

The Editor:
I would like to give a huge thank you to our city manager Gary Tomsic. I manage the International Motel and was having a difficult time with our cable provider over the new digital upgrade. They claimed they couldn’t provide us with the upgrade due to old wiring.
I said they needed to provide us whatever equipment was needed as they claimed they would. Long story short, they didn’t see things my way. I wrote a rather unpleasant letter voicing my displeasure.
My boss, Art Lawrenson, suggested I drop a copy off at city hall, which I did. The next morning Art called me to his office.
He told me that Gary Tomsic had called to inform me he called someone at Comcast and our problem with the cable would be taken care of. Three days later the cable upgrade was fixed.
I don’t know whom Gary called, but on behalf of Art and Steve Lawrenson, Edith Burrow, and myself, we would like to say kudo’s for your assistance and keep up the good work. We appreciate it.
Rory Olson

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