Letters to the Editor - February 11 - 17

Published on Wed, Feb 10, 2010
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The Editor:
We are a group of 7th grade girls from Blaine middle school. Our class is doing a challenge called eCybermission.
For this challenge each group of students in our class needs to find a problem or an issue in our community and try to solve, help or raise awareness about what is happening.
Our group has chosen to investigate why swans are dying in Whatcom County. Since 1999 about 2000 to 2500 swans have died of lead poisoning.
We found this interesting and now we are raising awareness about what is happening. Many people are not aware that the Trumpeter Swan is a declining species.
We would like to educate people about what is happening. Some reliable resources with information on Trumpeter Swans are www.trumpeterswansociety.org/wswa/lead.htm and www.aplic.org. This is very serious; we need to let people know what is happening.
We have created a website which can tell you more information about our project. www.swanawareness.webs.com.
Gretchen, Jessica, Nicole
and Katie, Blaine middle
school students

The Editor:
I wanted to express my thanks to our community for the significant effort our community has made in signing our letter to try to delay the roundabouts for further study. 
There is a lot of new information we have uncovered on this issue and we have decided to put together a website to keep people informed. 
Another letter has been issued to the Secretary of Transportation, outlining many of the issues with the project. 
All of our research is now online at www.BusinessUnited.viviti.com
The site is updated several times per week to keep people informed.  As these are federal tax dollars, there is an online petition as well that is linked from our site.
Thomas Bridge

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