Letters to the Editor - June 10 - 16, 2010

Published on Thu, Jun 10, 2010
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The Editor:
Something that had been floating through the paper here is the I-5 interchange. I think that stoplights, roundabouts or all way stop signs do not really matter to the business in Blaine if they don’t really make you see them.
If I accidentally got off I-5 (276 South) and had to get back on I would, regardless if I had to navigate a roundabout or stop light, nothing really catches my eye there, no colors or unique designs. And as I looked around while pulling back onto the freeway I would see an abandoned gas station and an abandoned car wash, Subway, kayaks, but there is nothing to make me want to turn around or stop on the way back.
Taking exit 276 North off ramp more abandoned gas stations and three that are still in business! A restaurant that is not open very late and a motel.
If I took exit 274, I see an abandoned building, gas station, then used book store.
Not knocking any of the businesses and I wish them well, but not a lot of unique draw anywhere.
Exit 275 has the same ho-hum look to it that any small city has, a little plaza!
Downtown has several abandoned and vacant buildings.
Personally I think the only way Blaine can pick itself back up is if the business owners all work together to make it look a little more alive and unique. Get an assortment of businesses that appeal to a variety of ages, something to do, not just shop, and the local base try to keep the shopping here. Perhaps discount to locals or certain nights donate some of the profits to the schools. The city can work with the businesses and could get after the slum lords to clean up their investment lands and find a way to turn the abandon properties into something useful or at least not an eye sore.
Work together and shop local and perhaps Blaine will start to look like more than a used to be and more like a could be.
C.J. Dodge

The Editor:
Welcome aboard Mr. Andy Peterson and thank you for your help. Often I have read of the ills of what’s happening in our wonderful community of Blaine. This is an opportunity to praise.
Recently the Port of Bellingham appointed Andy Peterson to the acting position of Blaine harbormaster.
In the past I’ve had the good fortune to Andy’s expertise while he held the position of moorage coordinator for Blaine and Bellingham harbors. Andy’s people skills and no-nonsense problem solving approach are like none, I have ever experienced while home ported in Blaine Harbor.
Thank you again for your help recently, you are an asset to Blaine’s progress.
Michael Patterson

The Editor:
My husband and wanted to give a big thanks to Miguel Ramos and his family for such a wonderful job catering our daughter’s graduation party.  Miguel Jr. was very efficient and served every guest with the warmth and hospitality his family has shown every one of us in town who have not only been patrons at their restaurant, but have had the privilege of knowing we could count on their business for generous donations to our town’s many endeavors for many years. 
Without businesses like Paso del Norte, our little town that we are so proud of would not have the reputation it has, which is a little town with a big heart. 
Thanks again Ramos family for employing our children, your generosity, and great food!
Kevin and Melanie Haines

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