Letters to the Editor - August 5 - 11, 2010

Published on Thu, Aug 5, 2010
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The Editor:
Ahoy, all Drayton Harbor Maritime Community sailing school graduates! At this year’s Drayton Harbor Days celebration, there will be two trophies awarded at the Clancy Dinghy Races sponsored by Blaine’s West Marine Express. The ceremony will take place at the Monkey Island sailing site at Gate #3 in the Blaine Harbor Marina. There is open sailing and race practice this Friday from noon to 4 p.m. and more practice from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, with the first race starting at approximately 11 a.m. on Saturday. The public is welcome and invited to watch the 3rd annual running of these exciting sail races from any of the fine viewing sites located around the gate #3, Monkey Island sailing area. Come on down to cheer on your favorite local racers.
Please contact Ron Snyder at 332-8082 or Graham Hunter at 332-5526 for more information.
Ron Snyder

The Editor:
Regarding Jeremy Schwartz’s article “City Accepts Second Lowest Bid,” the main thing I got from his article was wondering why he has such a negative opinion of the Colacurcio Brothers Construction Company. From the chip on the shoulder title through the negative slant of the first paragraph (implying the Colacurcios were over-charging the city of Blaine), Mr. Schwartz’s theme is that red tape won the contract unfairly. The Colacurcio family and their employees are reputable people, many residents of Blaine, and they deserve our respect and appreciation for the good work they do for our community.
Jeanne Halsey
(Publisher’s note: Jeremy Schwartz is new to Blaine and neither has a negative opinion of local construction companies nor a chip on the shoulder. He did have a set of observable facts to report and it is up to local taxpayers to decide whether a missing piece of paper should cost them $60,000.)

The Editor:
There is a state highway sign on the way out of Blaine that states “Do your part to control litter!” I would urge all to take this to heart. We live in a beautiful place, so why would we allow it to be trashed?
How can you do your part? Informally adopt a street corner or your favorite area. Keep it clean and remove the signs on the telephone poles, those on traffic signs and those promoting a place of business that are far removed from the site of the business. If anyone questions you, encourage them to do their part to control litter.
There is a Whatcom County ordinance addressing this issue (20.80.410). A few highlights of this ordinance. It is not OK to post signs on traffic signs, telephone poles or public easements. The exception is real estate signs. Such signs are allowed in easements, but must be on the frontage being sold. In other words, you can have a real estate sign but not one on a neighboring easement with an arrow pointing to the property for sale. Real estate agents commonly ignore this.
I urge you to do your part to keep our county beautiful. Law enforcement has more important safety issues to deal with.
Wayne Weinschenk

The Editor:
These are tough times as we wait for the rainfall of money we are all going to receive when George Bush’s tax cuts for the rich starts to trickle down as Fox News keeps promising. Until then our legislature in Olympia needs to be brought back on track. There is a Blaine resident ready to do that. We could use the perspective from a businessman and parent of young children who knows what it’s like to make payroll and pay bills. This does not require shutting down the government. It will take thoughtfulness and careful action to not throw the baby out with the bath water.
Richard May can do this. You might know him from the Blaine parks board and the community theater or his leadership in the winning campaign that preserved our library. Richard runs two businesses, employs 20 people and built his own home. He would enable business without making the public subsidize it. Richard’s campaign is funded almost entirely by individual citizens so he will not be torn between being beholden or breaking promises to special interests.  
Ray Wilkett

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