Letters to the Editor - September 16-22, 2010

Published on Thu, Sep 16, 2010
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The Editor:
I want to thank you folks at The Northern Light for the stories that were published about our dog Lucy being lost. Due to that fact and the many people who diligently looked for her, she was returned to us Monday, September 6. She was caught in a live trap placed by the Whatcom County Animal Control based on sightings that were reported from the good people in this area.
Further diligence of wonderful people moved the trap as they observed Lucy’s movements and with the added enticements of good food, she was caught and returned to us. Lucy is doing very well after being in the wild for three weeks. She is a bit thin but happy and relaxed to be back with the family that loves her.
This may be a small thing, but with the sudden and unexpected death of my husband and Hayley’s dad, this brings us some comfort.
We are not able to bring him back to us, but our good neighbors have worked to bring our dog back to us. From the deepest part of our hearts, thank you.
Louisa Parshall
Birch Bay

The Editor:
This message is for the Name Withheld NEXUS pass holder in Blaine who is just dang tired of sitting in the NEXUS lane, watching all the non-NEXUS peeps’ cars pass by in the non-NEXUS lane.
The NEXUS pass is given to you, the trusted traveler. It is not given to your car, your passengers or the contents of your car or your passenger’s possessions at the time you cross the border.
Border inspectors need to know what the purpose of your trip across the border was this trip, what you might be carrying with you this trip, who your passengers are this trip, what your passengers might be carrying across the border this trip and so forth every time you cross the border. Flash: no, that information isn’t on the screen.
Every vehicle crossing the border must be scrutinized, which you said you understood.
Here’s what a NEXUS pass gives you: Access to the head of the line. Period. It does not give you or anyone else a breeze through border inspections. Nor should it.
Elle Tracy

The Editor:
On October 23, the Blaine Football Boosters will host their annual All-You-Can-Eat Crab Feed at the American Legion in Blaine. The doors open at 6:30 p.m. with the crab feed running from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Following the crab feed there will be live entertainment upstairs. The boosters also hope to hold a raffle during the crab feed with many nice prizes. The funds raised from this event will help the Blaine high school football team purchase safety equipment and help to offset any post season costs incurred should the team make it to the district and state level of playoffs.
Tickets can be purchased at Blaine Marina and Sports Unlimited. Tickets will also be on sale at either gate of BHS football home games. The cost is $25 U.S. and $30 Canadian.
Any local businesses which are interested in making a donation to the crab feed raffle, may do so by contacting Tricia Johnson at 360/319-2132.
Tricia Johnson
Blaine Football Boosters

The Editor:
Joel Douglas’ letter reminded me of a similar complaint of mine. While spending the summer in Birch Bay, I noticed Blaine police hiding to ambush speeders. Multiple police cars during the day are tucked away in hiding places with radar in hand.
Their motivation is quite obvious. How are they protecting the citizens and property of Blaine? Locals are on to their game, so I suppose that they are waiting for unwitting Canadians and tourists entering on Peace Portal Drive or Semiahmoo Parkway. I never see them driving the back roads of Blaine.
And as Joel noted, I never see Lynden pulling this revenue-generating stunt. Come to think of it, Blaine police seem to operate on the same business plan as the Washington State Patrol. Well in all fairness, the gas station at Peace Portal and Marine drives also seems to be ready to ambush the Canadians.
Steve Colson
Brentwood, California

The Editor:
I love walking my dog Zoey around Marine Park - the peacefulness of the place was wonderful!  Unfortunately, however, someone has decided that a recording be playing constantly. It sounds like a 1950 Tarzan movie with his chimpanzee doing the sound.
If this is to keep the birds away, why?  It’s a marina (boats, birds and people).  
Please, in the name of sanity and peace, turn the irritating, annoying, aggravating sound off.  It’s nasty.
Thank you.
Barb Bonsaing

The Editor:
Our gardener’s market grew from WSU’s extension program, Carbon Masters, with Cathy Taggett participating in 2009 and which she and Ron Snyder have tirelessly organized last and this year. I’d hoped to join Cathy then, however as events over took my available time, I’ve waited for this year’s class to participate.
With 28 in last year’s class and as it’s not been advertised widely, Joyce Jimerson, program facilitator, is making it known the class is open and more registrations are needed to ensure it’s funded for 2010. Now is your chance to join me and other Blaine and Birch Bay folks in meeting today’s and tomorrow’s energy and environmental sustainability challenges through hands on learning experience with the latest green technology and expertise!
To learn more, visit whatcom.wsu.edu/carbonmasters for syllabus, instructors, fieldtrips, links and volunteer projects.
Classes begin September 21, see you there.
Bob Hendricks

The Editor:
With respect to Mr. Joel Douglas’ fear that traffic policing is harming visits by Canadians (September 9 – 15 The Northern Light) due to what may be zealousness on the part of the police, let me say that  my experience points to these drivers reaping what they are probably used to cultivating, i.e. a disregard for traffic laws and the consequences.
Traffic enforcement on our side of the line ranges between nil and feeble. Drivers routinely exceed the speed limits by a wide margin and exhibit impatience in traffic with others, usually with no repercussions. Why would they behave any differently in Washington?
The tickets received here may make these drivers more respectful of the law in the future regardless of the jurisdiction in which they drive. British Columbia will be the beneficiary if this is the case. For this reason I say to members of all police departments, carry on.
Robert Owston
New Westminster, B.C.

The Editor:
The city of Blaine and the Birch Bay Water and Sewer District would like to remind their customers that the water wisely watering schedule is officially over on September 15.
Your conservation efforts helped us to reliably serve you during the challenging summer months while keeping enough water in storage to provide for firefighting and other contingencies. Thanks for helping us conserve!
Emily Resch
Birch Bay Water &
Sewer District

The Editor:
In the sixties when schools were being integrated I was sent to an all white school where I had a speech teacher that would put an “F” on my homework assignments the moment I gave it to her. Now nearly 50 years later, the U.S. Senate is doing the same thing to the President of the United States, and again I am reminded that as a black man that no matter how hard you try, how well you do, there is always that teacher’s spirit waiting to make you understand why the bell that represents America’s liberty has a crack in it.
If we can’t stand together, we will surely fall apart.
Please vote.
Robert Cross



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