Letters to the Editor - September 23 - 29, 2010

Published on Thu, Sep 23, 2010
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The Editor:
From the family of Kelsey Scott, we would like to thank everyone who has reached out in prayer and support, giving their time and resources to help us find our daughter and be there in such troubled times.
     Special thanks to all at The Northern Light, North Bay Christ The King church and their prayer team, Pastor Dan, and especially all the people in this community who have been so helpful and caring. We feel that it is a miracle that Kelsey has been found and that she is safe.
     We feel that without the love and support from all of you who  have helped, we wouldn’t have made it through this terrible time.
     Thanks once again for everyone here and also those outside this area who have been so helpful.
Vickie and Jeff Brown
Birch Bay

The Editor:
I wonder if Elle Tracy is a NEXUS holder because she doesn’t seem to know much. NEXUS is not given to you; it must be qualified and paid for; it isn’t free and isn’t granted to everyone. You may not have a non-NEXUS passenger in your car and every NEXUS holder is clearly apprised of what can and cannot be taken across the border.
     Name Withheld complained because lately it is normal for NEXUS passengers to sit in lengthy lines while non-NEXUS people breeze through. I too have experienced peculiar and inexplicable delays. If there is concern that contraband goods or persons are crossing the border, why are they not equally and simultaneously thorough in their examinations of non-NEXUS vehicles? Is NEXUS being targeted for unwarranted and unexplained delays? Name Withheld is wise for not wanting to be identified because there is a basic fear if you squeak against the officers, your NEXUS privileges could be revoked without recourse.
     Also, I’m sorry Robert Cross experienced racial injustice in his schools; that is a terrible and unfair experience for any child and it has obviously left scars.
     I, too, attended integrated schools in the ‘60s, where my best friend was a little black boy named Patrick; I have never forgotten my friend and I am glad my parents permitted me to attend a racially mixed school in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
     As for the rapidly sinking trust of the American people for the current president, it has nothing to do with his race or his gender, or his religious beliefs, or even that he prefers basketball to golf, it has everything to do with the incompetence of the heavy-handed government systematically destroying the United States in less than four years. November 2, 2010, will tell a different story than November 4, 2008.
Jeanne Halsey

The Editor:
We had a tire nearly blow out while driving by Border Tire in Blaine.
     A nice young man named Mike took off the spare and put it on our truck. He then fixed the valve that was leaking and put the old tire where the spare used to be.
When we went to pay the owner said no charge.
     We want to thank Border Tire very much. We expected to pay and you treated us like old friends who just happened to be your neighbors.
     Thank you from a very grateful Canadians couple.
Fred and Dagmar Aiken
Bowser, B.C.

The Editor:
The current second daily Amtrak train from Seattle to Vancouver B.C. is in jeopardy because the Canadian federal government is now asking WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) to pay nearly $550,000 a year for border clearance services.
     If the discussions to eliminate the proposed fees are unsuccessful, WSDOT says the train will be cancelled. Instead of complete cancellation, perhaps Blaine could lobby to have the train terminate in Blaine at the historic train depot, possibly with a bus shuttle to Vancouver.
     Blaine is also well situated for people living in the southern part of Greater Vancouver driving to the train station.
     Even if the second northbound Amtrak train is not cut back, it makes so much sense to open the Blaine train station and have the entire existing Amtraks stop at it. Since the Amtrak trains are running now, a Blaine stop could happen sooner than it would by waiting for a new train similar to the Sounder train.
Frank Norman

The Editor:
To the person who fixed my bike, thank you for the nice surprise. It rides great!
Debbie Coleman

The Editor:
In our midst is a rough little gem that can be turned into a jewel. Lincoln Park is just begging to be revived and to receive visitors.
     The park and recreation board is hosting a town meeting at the Blaine Library on October 19, 7 p.m. All interested citizens are invited to attend to see some of the plans that are being proposed for the upgrade of the park and to offer their suggestions.
     Please mark this date on your calendar and plan to attend.
Sandie Miller,
Blaine Park and Cemetery

The Editor:
Elle Tracy’s letter tells us that a Nexus pass gives “access to the head of the line, period.” No it doesn’t; it gives access to the back of a different line that is usually, but not always, faster than the regular line.
     In this case, the name-withheld pass holder was complaining that the line in the NEXUS lane was way slower than the regular lane. Given that NEXUS holders have been investigated, interviewed, fingerprinted, etc. and are trusted travelers, it makes sense for border officials to spend less time on average questioning each NEXUS holder and that is usually what happens.
     But occasionally it can appear, rightly or wrongly, that a NEXUS lane inspector treats people in the Nexus lane as if they were not trusted travelers, leading to delays and complaints.
     Certainly inspectors have the power to ask any questions they want and sometimes have to spend more time on some crossers, but if they are taking a lot of time questioning everyone in the Nexus lane, the complaints would be legitimate.
Bladon Norman

The Editor:
On behalf of the  campaign, I would like to thank all of the people who came out in the rain to meet and greet Mr. Koster.
     Most of the people had questions concerning Obama care and social security and Mr. Koster dispelled all of the lies being put out by the Larsen group.
     Larsen cannot escape the fact that he voted for Obama care, Troubled Asset Relief Program, (TARP), the stimulus and the high un-employment that Obama is responsible for.
     For those of you who travel up and down I-5 and the Guide there are no Larsen signs along I-5 or the Guide and no Patty Murray signs either. Murray continues to lie about Rossi and Larsen lies about Koster because they figure the people are to dumb to see through them.
     Patty Murray is the Hanoi Jane of this century and a disgrace to every man and woman who has worn the uniform in defense of this country.
     Rick Larsen won’t answer questions about Obama care or TARP or anything else because he is hiding under his desk, so he doesn’t have to confront the people, just like every other liberal running, or should I say losing.
     Although Obama says that his health care does not give health care to illegal aliens it states right in the health care bill that they will receive health care and we are going to have to pay for it for them.
     It is time you people wake up and see the destruction being placed upon you and your grandchildren and change the government to people who will listen when you speak. How’s that hope and change working out for you? If it wasn’t so bad it would be laughable.
David White

The Editor:
I would like to thank the city for choosing the Colacurcio Brothers for doing our street work. They went out of their way to accommodate us residents in the midst of turmoil. They were always helpful, cheerful and professional.
     One of the guys immediately removed a pipe piece off my lawn when he found out it was in my way to mow. A few of the girls carted my recycling bins to the next street since sanitation couldn’t get to them. Then they brought them back! I heard a few of them are even baking for some of us. They definitely aren’t the run of the mill construction folks. Thank you guys.
Kay Warner

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