Letters to the Editor - October 14-20, 2010

Published on Thu, Oct 14, 2010
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The Editor:
On October 23, the Blaine football boosters will host their annual All You Can Eat Crab Feed at the American Legion in Blaine. Tickets are on sale now and the cost is $25 per person. All proceeds from the crab feed will go to support the Blaine high school football team.
The crab feed begins at 7 p.m. and there will be a raffle, as well as live music in the lounge at the American Legion. Tickets can be purchased at Blaine Marina, Sports Unlimited or by contacting Tricia Johnson at 319-2132.
We hope everyone will come out and support BHS Football!
Tricia Johnson

The Editor:
In these challenging economic times having accessible recreational amenities is more important than ever. The Northwest Park and Recreation District 2 (NWPRD2) does exactly that for residents of Blaine and Birch Bay. Creating opportunities to adventure in our own backyard whether you walk, bike, hike, boat, fish, or enjoy our beautiful vistas the NWPRD2 was created for your benefit.
In 2007, we voted for the first NWPRD2 levy enabling many projects like the Peace Portal Drive path (soon to be paved), trails, Runge kayak/boat launch, playgrounds, viewing stations at Marine Park, off leash dog park, Bay Horizon gym and others we now enjoy. This levy ran from January 1, 2008 – December 31, 2009 and now needs to be renewed in order to continue implementation of future projects such as creating a connecting trail between Blaine and Birch Bay.
Encompassing solely the area within Blaine school district (excluding Point Roberts which has its own park district) all monies generated by the levy stay in the Blaine and Birch Bay area. The levy amount of $10 per $100,000 assessed value has not increased since 2007. It is not a new tax but the reinstatement of the previously approved levy offering an opportunity for a truly positive investment in our community.
We were supportive then – let’s be supportive again! Vote yes on the NWPRD2 levy.
Nancy Hobberlin

The Editor:
I wanted to thank the Canadian border crossing personnel for their most gracious help recently when I arrived at the U.S. border (to return to the U.S. after a short stay in Vancouver) only to discover I had lost my purse and passport back in Vancouver. They were so helpful and friendly and went out of their way to help me get my purse back. I will be forever grateful, thank you!
It was a traumatic day, to say the least. The folks on the Canadian side of the border crossing were so gracious and accommodating. In fact, during my entire stay in Canada I marveled at the warmth of the Canadian people. I got lost twice in Vancouver and both times it was the willingness of strangers to take the time to help me that allowed me to find my way. The people at the hotel were also unbelievably helpful and friendly. I even chatted with total strangers in two restaurants on separate occasions who treated me like an old friend.
It was a wonderful and memorable trip because of the spirit of friendship I encountered there, in spite of the temporary loss of my purse. I very much look forward to my next trip up there!
Deb Stephens

The Editor:
I want to thank all of the people who brought food to the Beach Basket Yarn Shop during their sale and also to thank Mary and Dawn for supporting our Birch Bay Food Pantry in such a wonderful way.
The food pantry is located at 4672 Loft Lane and is open every first and third Monday of the month from 9 a.m. to noon for residents of Birch Bay who are in need of food.
Anyone wishing to donate food or volunteer to help at the pantry can call Lynne at 303-9850.
Lynne Chapman
Birch Bay Food Pantry

The Editor:
Al Jensen is an outstanding candidate and will be a superior representative for the 42nd district. I have known Al for 15 years in his capacity as a Bellingham police detective, a supporter of his community and church and a devoted family man. During my service as your state senator, there were occasions when I was stuck in Olympia that I asked Al to represent me at district meetings. He is a good listener and he has thoughtful ideas to resolve problems.
I am always leery of candidates who say, “When I am elected, I’ll do this or that.” The reality is that government is a collaborative process and you can’t get anything done unless your leadership respects you and you can convince 73 other legislators to vote with you. Al is already there. He understands the process and, through his police and community activities, he has already started to build his coalitions.
For those of us in small communities, our biggest problem is that we are overlooked. Al Jensen has the background and the knowledge to put us back on the map. I urge you to vote Al Jensen for your representative.
Georgia Gardner

The Editor:
Vote yes for the Northwest parks and recreation levy, and here’s why. We all know that parks enrich our quality of life. And where else can we take our families to enjoy the fresh air, get some exercise and play for free, close to our homes right in our own community?
Since the economic downturn the words tax or levy turns us off and boggles the mind! But think about this: You are being asked to vote yes for a four-year parks levy which will cost you 10 cents per thousand on the assessed valuation of your home per year. The simple math is – if your home is assessed at $100,000 you will pay $10 per year, $200,000 you will pay $20 dollars per year, etc. You can hardly take your family to McDonalds for that!
Northwest Park & Recreation District 2 boundaries are the same as the Blaine school district. The money is spent locally within those boundaries. The park commissioners are not paid and the money is spent directly on upgrading park facilities, trails and some recreational programs.
The citizens of the Blaine and Birch Bay communities gave input and selected priorities for how the 2008-09 levy monies were to be spent. A parks master plan was established and the projects are underway with some being completed.
Birch Bay has a new children’s play area at Bay Horizon Park and the old Air Force gym is being refurbished for public use. Blaine has a new kayak landing, trails and other new park amenities. Northwest Parks and Recreation District 2 has partnered with county and state parks for funds to help with some projects.
What could be better than this for our community now and in the future? Vote yes for Northwest parks and recreation!
Doralee Booth
Birch Bay

The Editor:
The northern border is not secure. It’s that time of year again, thousands of undocumented aliens penetrating our borders, even in no-fly zones, as they go south. Every time we complain about it we get goosed and pooped.
The Canada Geese gang ignores borders and international treaties. What to do about it? Well, we could re-deploy our troops from the Middle East oil fields to the Canadian oil fields or re-equip our military with shotguns instead of M-16s. Might solve the problem for next year.
However, we should not concern ourselves with the Canadian poopers, after all, they are our allies and best friends. It’s China we should worry about and their new techie Peking Ducks. Nanotechnology makes them a danger to the U.S.A.
Mechanical Peking Ducks, looking like the real thing with drone technology zooming in from the Pacific, with nano spy cameras, beaming to the satellites and their rear ends loaded with high explosive Chinese firecrackers.
What to do about it? Recruit local birders as the front line of defense and Canadian Geese as decoys, a simple no cost method of ridding the U.S.A. of this new worry of enemies penetrating our nation.
Jay James

The Editor:
Patty Murray is a terrorist sympathizer. For those of you suffering from short-term memory loss, it was nine years ago when she said that Bin Laden was such a great guy to be looked up to, and because of her comments I started a recall petition to have her removed from office. It gained a lot of support after I appeared on a number of national radio and TV talk shows, and it was such a huge impact on Murray that with the help of some legislators in Arizona she had to cancel a trip there to receive an award because so many people were at the airport to turn her away. Now Murray last week on national radio stated that she favors allowing anyone who wants to come to this country should be allowed to come, illegal or not, and we can take care of them.
Also, this is the third year in a row where seniors are not going to get a COLA. increase in social security yet that idiot in the White House and his family can take six vacations in the last year along on our dime.
For those of you that are still numb from the neck up to continue to support these pinheads deserve the misery that will be bestowed upon you after the first of the year with the huge tax increases that will take affect.
We have unemployment above 10 percent, when under G.W. Bush the unemployment was only 4.7 percent and the new health care bill will give our medical care to illegals for free and we will have to pay though the nose for it. Wake up people before you lose everything you have worked for.
David White



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