Letters to the Editor - October 28-November 3, 2010

Published on Thu, Oct 28, 2010
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The Editor:
I am writing to thank Bob Johnson and the other members of the Blaine Police Department Auxiliary Communications Service for hosting the Jamboree-on-the-Air for our area Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts on October 16.  
The Scouts had a great time touring the police station communications room and the mobile communications van.  
The highlight of the visit for them was being able to contact their fellow Scouts via amateur radio.  Thank you so much for your continued service to our community and for sharing your day with the Scouts.
Slade Brockett
Mount Baker Council of Boy Scouts of America

The Editor:
It’s hard to imagine that the geniuses at the federal government’s Art-in-Architecture program could have made a worse choice than the God-awful, ugly sculpture recently installed at the Peace Arch border crossing.
From a distance, it looks like a swarm of angry insects. As you get closer, it looks like the windowless remains of a bombed out building. Then, you see it for what it really represents – an empty billboard. “Welcome to America, Land of Suicide Bombers and Billboards!”
Seriously folks, is that the message we want to greet travelers with?
John Yirak

The Editor:
I’ve been voting in our state since 1961 and firmly believe that this election will be the major decision of our time on the future direction of our state and country. Looking at the candidates and ballot issue as a whole, I see two choices:
Support the strong current trend toward bigger, more powerful government at all levels, with more control over our daily lives, accompanied by constantly increasing taxes and debt to pay for expanding bureaucracies and entitlements for certain groups.
Or, start reducing government’s size and power, its heavy handed intrusion into issues not authorized by our federal and state constitutions, its reckless spending and borrowing for wasteful, non-productive programs, etc.
I strongly support smaller government. For this reason, please vote: Rossi, U.S. senate; Koster, congress; Ericksen, Buys, Overstreet (42nd) Swapp and Newman (40th), legislature; Sanders, state supreme court; and Larson, county council.
We do need sensible laws to help achieve valid public goals, such as: create level playing fields for economic investment and opportunity, prevent exploitation of some by the greedy, provide basic safety nets for the disadvantaged but not hammocks for the able bodied.
Vote as if your future is at stake; it is!
Roger Almskaar

The Editor:
Having served with Jason Overstreet on the Blaine city council for two years, I can tell you that Jason is exactly who he says he is: A devoted husband, father and friend who cares deeply about the future of our county, state and nation.
Endorsed by State Representative Doug Ericksen, The Bellingham Herald, Whatcom 7 firefighters, numerous community members and business leaders, Jason understands the serious situation in which we find ourselves.
Let’s send a principled leader to Olympia who will ask the tough questions and make the difficult decisions while moving our state forward. Please join me in voting for Jason Overstreet for state representative in the 42nd district.
Scott Dodd



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