Letters to the Editor - November 4-10, 2010

Published on Wed, Nov 3, 2010
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The Editor:
The Community Assistance Program (CAP) Thanksgiving Dinner Basket Program will be held again this year on Wednesday, November 24, from 1 – 5:30 pm. The basket pick-up point will be the same as last year, Unit 330 near Cost Cutter in the Blaine International Shopping Center.
Those needy families residing in the Birch Bay, Blaine, Custer and Point Roberts areas who desire to be recipients must get on the list through Family Services at Blaine school, (call Larissa at 332-0740) to receive their basket.
Applicants should get their names in by Monday, November 15. Baskets are sized and assigned for each individual family on the list; there are no baskets for walk-ins.
Last year we provided the makings for a complete Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings including homemade pies to 182 families. More than 950 children and adults had a full Thanksgiving dinner as a result of the financial donations of generous friends and neighbors.
The funding for this community outreach effort is provided by contributions from individuals in the community. We need your support this year, more than ever, to help those families who are being marginalized in these trying times.
Those desiring to contribute to this charitable work may do so by mailing a check to the CAP Thanksgiving Basket Fund, P.O. Box 1067, Blaine, WA 98231. Donations may also be made at Cost Cutter, Bank of America, Sterling Bank and other supporting business in Blaine. Look for the turkey signs at these businesses.
CAP is an approved 501(c )3 charity program, under the Peace Arch Christian Ministerial Association and any donation is fully tax deductible.
Brent Brentnall, director
The Community Assistance Program

The Editor:
Last February after a colonoscopy I discovered I had colon cancer. It was removed in March and I began chemotherapy in April, which I recently finished.
Through colon surgery, a double angioplasty, chemo and all related procedures, it’s been a bit of a rough year. But with a lot of help and support I got through it. After a lot of reflection and a bit of soul searching, I would like to share a few thoughts.
The word cancer strikes fear in most. But I have found out personally that with early detection it is a very treatable disease. There are many procedures for early detection, and I urge anyone out there to take advantage of them. Yearly checkups, colonoscopies and other various tests are vital. I would also urge anyone to not let money, dissuade you. You can always make more money but you only have one life. Take care of it, treasure it, embrace it.
I would like to thank my parents, siblings, various relatives and friends and my girlfriend. They have been with me every step of the way. Also, to both of my bosses, a very big thank you.
Should you find you have cancer or any other disease, try to keep a strong positive outlook. It’s one of your best weapons against it. Also, have a strong support group around you. It makes the battle so much easier. You will be in for the fight of your life, and to be realistic it’s a fight you may not win. But you can sure as hell go out swinging.
My best to you all and good luck.
Never give up.
Rory Olsen

The Editor:
It must be as clear to the people of Blaine as it is to me that the city council as well as the management has lost its grip on sanity.
With local unemployment at around 10 percent and national unemployment at around 17 percent (which includes people whose unemployment has run out and those who have given up looking for work) to even consider raising the sewer rates at this time is ludicrous.
They should freeze everything in its current place for the next two years and lay off some of the over-bloated staff they keep hanging onto.
Make organizations that come every year with their hand out to get money from the council for their pet projects, have the council say to them, whatever money your organization can raise through private donations we will match. See how well they do when they are not getting a handout.
You built a Taj Mahal wastewater treatment plant, which was uncalled for, when you could have had one built for a lot less, and it wouldn’t be such a monstrosity that we are going to have to pay for through your flights of fantasy. This lunacy is going to result in far less development in the city and zero businesses deciding to move to Blaine and zero jobs to retain our kids here.
The council and management of this city will never get it that reducing taxes and fees are what spurs growth, not over regulation and taxes and fees.
Come on people, how much longer are you going to continue letting them pick your pocket and retirement before you say enough is enough?
Even the Canadians are getting smarter and driving further south to buy their gas because it is 20 plus cents a gallon cheaper.
David White



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