Letters to the Editor - November 11-17, 2010

Published on Wed, Nov 10, 2010
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The Editor:
Does any Blaine citizen really think a real estate tax increase by the city is due while the nation and this community are economically suffering? How can Mr. Tomsic even contemplate such action? We presently have one of the region’s most unfair and regressive sewer tax fees.
Joel Douglas

The Editor:
I read with great interest and wonder your reports on last Tuesday’s election results.
Just curious, though, as to whether this means that Thomas Dewey was actually our 34th president?
Bob Aiken

The Editor:
Our thanks goes out to the Northwest Fire and Rescue for their service to the American Legion Post #86 in Birch Bay. On November 6, the department used the new ladder truck to assist in fixing the flagpole at the post in preparation for Veteran’s Day.
We appreciate everything they do for our community.
Sons of The American Legion.
Jim Cleveland,
and Tony Davenport
Birch Bay

The Editor:
Once a surgeon, Abby now spends her day alone in her Blaine Manor apartment. On occasion, relatives’ children visit, and I will answer her calls for help, overwhelmed with a gadget or unlocking her door. I’m a key holder and trusted with a passkey, and people do forget their keys when leaving.
Now 90 years old, Abby rides the bus, calling ahead for special pick up, to doctor’s appointments, shopping or lunch at the Cordata Food Co-op, riding #55 down and back.
Recently, Blaine brought B Street into the 21st century by paving it with curbs and sidewalks on the north side of B Street and east side of Fourth Street, alongside Stafholt. We’re ecstatic!
Abby waits for her bus at the A building’s south door entrance. All these years Blaine Manor residents trudged through mud, snow, puddles, dust and dirt when the grass had worn away on their way to B Street from the south doorway.
With our new walkway along B, the street level was raised with a gully created, exacerbating our access to B Street and through which Abby must make her way this winter. This is unsafe for her and the other 25 residents of Blaine Manor.
It seems a ball was dropped by Blaine public works to see that a paved walkway was negotiated with Blaine Manor management for 30 feet of safe, all-weather walkway while Colacurcio Brothers were there with their forms, mixers and crew, putting in connecting walkways for our good neighbors Dick Clark, Stafholt and others.
It’s my hope our community’s hearts and Blaine city government will do the right thing and make it their priority to provide safe, all-weather access to B Street for Abby, the other seniors and special needs residents in Blaine Manor as soon as possible.
Bob Hendricks

The Editor:
Thank you to a generous community. On behalf of the Blaine high school wind ensemble we would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Blaine community and specifically the Blaine Cost Cutter and The Market in Birch Bay Square for their support during our recent “Round Up” change program. With your pennies, nickels and dimes we were able to raise $1,058 in our efforts toward our trip to Japan in January.
Special thanks to store managers Jim Van Rijswijck, Cost Cutter, and Dean Prestman, The Market, and to the collective staff at both stores for making it happen.
And kudos to all of you for giving. We rock!
Dorita and Bob Gray

The Editor:
I’d like to thank all the boys and girls at Blaine elementary for giving up their Halloween candy this year in support of Operation Tooth Fairy. Over 362 pounds of the sweet stuff were collected and brought into the elementary school on November 1 and 2.
The candy, along with various thank you letters from the students, are geared toward the recognition of Veteran’s Day thanking the active men and women serving our country. The estimated 17 boxes of candy and letters are now in the process of being packaged and delivered to various troop units serving in the U.S. and overseas.
If you are interested in sponsoring a package delivery to the troops, please stop by the Blaine elementary school for a $15 donation to the Blaine Elementary Boosters Club.
Again, great job boys and girls of Blaine elementary! And thank you to the Blaine community once again for your support.
Dan Persse

The Editor:
Election 2010 is over but the battle not won. A different party in charge of the House but same problem, a growing number of self-indulgent Americans who look to big government to solve all their problems and supply all their financial wants – and a willingness to sell their vote to any political charlatan who promises to do so.
There are economic truths no political edict can overcome. Economic growth comes from savings and entrepreneur investments. Lasting wealth for all comes from hope, ideas, inventions and hard work – not from government, inflated dollars, bailouts, increased debt, higher taxes and comfort without labor.
No country in recorded history became economically stronger by weakening their currency. Neither can we.
Do we ever learn? America’s “spend your way to prosperity” policy during 1960s and 1970s ended in double digit inflation and soaring commodity prices, including gold. Sound familiar?
President George W. Bush’s administration supported a monetary policy of huge deficits, artificial low interest rates and pushed for a weaker dollar abroad. President Obama’s administration also pushes a monetary policy of artificial low interest rates, a weaker dollar and huge deficits – far more than anyone could have imagined even under President Bush.
The Federal Reserve continues an easy, credit low interest rate policy. And it is now monetizing the debt, creating billions of dollars out of thin air. The result, more and more dollars chasing the same amount of goods and services – inflation.
To reverse our rush to financial Armageddon means short term economic pain. Hard choices need to be made. Choices elected officials who think only of re-election will not make. Not to do so means never-ending boom and bust and a declining middle class.
To stop this cycle requires tough and painful decisions. Past experience has nearly exhausted my trust in Republican office holders to do the right thing. I gave up on Democrats decades ago. It is not too late. America needs to re embrace Judeo-Christian values of self-discipline and personal responsibility.
Michael Odell



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