Letters to the Editor - November 18-24, 2010

Published on Fri, Nov 19, 2010
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The Editor:
I attended the city council meeting last night and laid them on the carpet for saying they are going to balance the budget across the board, which means they are making budget cuts to the senior center and the Boys & Girls Club in Blaine.
Yet they are refusing to raise user fees such as the price of building permits to company developers who come to their doorstep with millions in their pockets. When I asked them that question as to why they were not raising the fees, they refused to answer the question and told me my three minutes were up. I told them they work for me, and I will speak as long as I need to.
With that, a very large policeman stood up from the staff table and was going to escort me out. I said I had had enough and left on my own. I personally did not want to have to listen to any more B.S. that would have comprised the rest of the meeting! I wrote mayor Bonnie Onyon first and then forwarded copies to the other six council members.
You are right. The city council members and meetings give a great performance. Nothing more than that, lip service to public opinion. How sad. They should all resign. They have  revealed what’s in their hearts, their coldheartedness, when they include the most vulnerable of our society, the elderly and children.
Sandra Kisska
Birch Bay

The Editor:
A reminder to any needy families that would like to get a ready-to-cook complete Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings: you need to call Larissa at Family Services, 332-0740, to get on the list to get one. You need to get on the list now, this week. Baskets will be distributed on Wednesday, November 24, from 1 to 5:50 p.m. Distribution will be from the store front with the basket sign near Cost Cutter in the Blaine International Shopping Center. All baskets are assigned by family; no walk-ins.
The Thanksgiving Dinner Basket Program is made available by the generous support of neighbors and local businesses helping neighbors in Blaine and in the surrounding area. Anyone desiring to contribute to this outreach may send a check to The CAP Thanksgiving Basket Fund, P.O. Box 1067, Blaine, WA 98231. CAP is an approved 501(c)3 charity program, under the Peace Arch Christian Ministerial Association and any donation is fully tax deductible.
Brent Brentnall, director
Community Assistance Program

The Editor:
Please allow the Blaine Food Bank to sing the first resounding chorus of “thank you” this holiday season. The food bank volunteers are grateful to Cost Cutter, and Birch Bay Market for their donations of bread, bakery, deli, grocery and produce five days a week. We are now overwhelmingly grateful to CEO Kevin Weatherill from The Markets, LLC because he was able to provide the Blaine Food Bank with 88 cases of frozen turkeys at cost.
This generosity ultimately saved our food bank coffers over $1,100. Without Mr. Weatherill’s thoughtful contribution, the food bank would not have been able to offer a complete Thanksgiving meal to the more than 380 Blaine, Birch Bay and Custer families we serve during Thanksgiving distribution week.
Thank you, Mr. Weatherill, for being our “secret Santa.”
Robin Kendall
Blaine Food Bank

The Editor:
If you have seen the history of Colton Harris-Moore, is it any wonder that he ended up barefoot and that he ended up a bandit? With beginnings such as his, there are few options. It all starts with dysfunctional families and dysfunctional children who have needs that go unrecognized. Parents often need help with their drug/alcohol problems; their lifestyle choices that lead to abusive behavior. Most delinquent children are trying to say that they are emotionally malnourished and need attention. They need to know that someone cares. Their unacceptable behavior can usually be interpreted as loud screams for attention.
I am aware of some 50 families in Snohomish County who have lost children to car wrecks, murders, suicides and other sad circumstances. The children here have nothing.
There is a lack of entertainment, recreational facilities and after school opportunities for youth. It is an environment ripe for the celebration of criminal activity. Colton Harris-Moore is a product of this area. He has received a lot of press since he’s had a long, dramatic run, but many suffer here under these bad conditions.
I was shocked to hear of the extent of crimes committed by Colton Harris-Moore. It is easy for us to want revenge and tough punishment. Studies prove that young people do not have the same cognitive abilities as adults. In recognition of the comparative immaturity and irresponsibility of juveniles, almost every state in the union prohibits those under 18 years old from voting, serving on juries and marrying without their parent’s consent.
Youths are not finished products. They can still benefit from education, counseling, training and treatment. Crime must be punished but we should temper justice with mercy. Life without parole should be eliminated for the very young. They deserve a “second look” and even a “third look.” We are a throw-away society, but these are children.
Lou Krewson



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