Letters to the Editor - November 24-December 1, 2010

Published on Tue, Nov 23, 2010
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The Editor:
I read with astonishment in the November 19 issue of The Bellingham Herald about the new state-of-the-art cinema complex to be built in the Barkley Village area of Bellingham.
A fifth addition to movie theaters already in Sehome Village, Sunset Square, Bellis Fair Mall and the Pickford in the downtown area.
So where is the complex to entertain North County? A nice complex providing some year-round entertainment for all those residents of Blaine and Birch Bay as well as the weekenders, vacationers or Canadian day-trippers with nothing much to do on a rainy day would be a nice year-round provider of entertainment.
Right now we all have to get in our cars and spend our entertainment money in Bellingham.
As I drive to Bellingham I notice a number of high visibility locations with for sale signs alongside the I-5 in our area.
Jean Shea
Birch Bay

Dear Editor:
What is Blaine coming to?
When I moved here over 30 years ago, poor Blaine was a bit of a joke.  With porno book stores, 13 gas stations and a tree-less main street, it was the kind of town you pretended not to live in.
This past weekend was the second in a row in which I made my way downtown to sample Blaine’s entertainment offerings. The first weekend featured a Friday night wine-tasting at Blaine Bouquets followed by Brian Major's art opening at Loomis Hall.
In the second weekend I attended two performances.  Friday:  Protea Piano Trio at Loomis Hall (with promise of more to come) and Saturday: Northwest Theater Guild's “Pajama Game” at the Performing Arts Center.
Two great reasons in a row for going downtown in one weekend!
What is Blaine coming to?
Graham Hunter

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