Letters to the Editor - December 16 - 22, 2010

Published on Thu, Dec 16, 2010
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The Editor:
I would like to thank you for running a great photo of a smiling kid and his great deer harvest showing conservation at its finest!
I feel it was in incredibly great taste. As a lover of animals and a strict carnivore, I appreciated the photo and the note that the harvested deer was donated to a needy family, even though my mouth was watering incredibly.
Great story and photo. We need more of this.
Brad Otto

The Editor:
The Birch Bay Food Pantry will hold their second distribution day on December 20 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Boys and Girls Club, 4672 Loft Lane. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the community for their support in 2010. In recent weeks we have received food donations from Christ the King Church, Christ Episcopal Church of Blaine, Birch Bay Hair Care Salon, Birch Bay Consignment and Thrift, Beach Basket Yarns and so many others including an anonymous donation for $100. We thank all of you and are most grateful for your support and encouragement in our work of sharing what we have with those in need in our community.
Sue Peeples, Lynne Chapman
Birch Bay Food Pantry committee

The Editor:
The December 9 edition of The Bellingham Herald reported that the GOP is holding the middle class and unemployed hostage in bargaining for extending tax relief for all. Our country has a policy of not caving into hostage takers. Somali pirates or Taliban fighters who take hostages are terrorists. Holding citizens hostage for two more years is economic terrorism.
Our country’s infrastructure needs help, even if Republicans are not ready to help citizens. It is unconscionable to give the top 2 percent (over $250,000 a year) money they will not spend creating jobs while holding hostage the middle class who will spend it locally. The national debt will only grow larger by not going back to tax levels of the prosperous Clinton era. “Trickle down” has not worked.
A legislator said this morning that there was no GOP will to give up tax savings for the rich. “I guess we will just kick the can farther down the road for a while.”
This economic terrorism has to stop! Terrorists hold people hostage. United States legislators are supposed to represent the will and needs of our country, not their re-election needs, their corporate donor wants or party cronyism.
Donna Starr

The Editor:
My beautiful sister, Krista Weatherby, is a Birch Bay resident and former teacher of Grace Lutheran’s preschool program in Blaine. In her seven years teaching there she touched countless children’s lives and that of many of their families as well. She is one of the most incredibly kind, generous, loving and giving people you could ever meet. And now she is in need of the support of her community.
When Krista made the very difficult decision to leave her teaching job in search of higher pay and health benefits it was because she was sick, but we had no idea just how sick. It took two years for her to finally be accurately diagnosed and t,he result was brain cancer. In April 2009 Krista’s brain tumor was successfully removed and a course of radiation followed. But this November she was diagnosed with cancer once again. This time it is a rare form affecting her spinal fluid. Krista is now receiving specialized treatment at a cancer clinic in Mesa, Arizona.
Unfortunately, this hope-giving treatment is very costly and is not covered by her insurance. Our family is trying to raise the projected $100K needed to cover treatment. We urge anyone who has been touched by Krista or her story to make a tax deductible donation through the Best Answer For Cancer Foundation at www.bestanswerforcancer.com/KristaWeatherby or by mail:
Krista Weatherby Patient Assistance Fund c/o The Elka Best Cancer Foundation, 8127 Mesa, B-206, #243, Austin, Texas 78759
Thank you.
Tiffany Weatherby March

The Editor:
St. Martin’s Clothing Bank (SMCB) volunteers would like to thank everyone who has so generously donated clothing, linens, towels, bedding and shoes this past year. SMCB served an average of 207 families each month in 2010, an increase of 50 families per month from 2009, 100 from 2008. Altogether SMCB served over 3,250 needy individuals from Blaine, Birch Bay and Custer last year. SMCB will be closed for the holidays on Friday, December 24; Tuesday, December 28, and Friday, December 31. St. Martin’s Clothing Bank, located at 500 C Street next to the Blaine Food Bank, will resume normal operations, Tuesdays and Fridays, 9 a.m. – noon, on Tuesday, January 4.
Ann Duvall Spooner, director
St. Martin’s Clothing Bank

The Editor:
Sam Crawford and his gang on the Whatcom County Council have made plain their contempt for the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) and the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and unfortunately for us many voters appear to agree with them. By recently adding 800 acres to Birch Bay’s Urban Growth Area and signing the “settlement agreement” potentially adding 1,246 more residential units in pasture and forest land on Birch Point, that council majority has clearly shown that they are indeed the tool of real estate development interests.
However, what these real estate speculators don’t seem to understand, yet, is that over 20 percent of U.S. homeowners already have significant “negative equity” (a mortgage that is greater than the market value of the underlying house) and more importantly, an additional 32 percent of Americans currently have a mortgage that is within 10 percent of becoming “underwater” or a negative equity situation.
Because people cannot reasonably be expected to work for thirty years just to make their banker wealthy, while never achieving any equity at all in their own residential investment, economists are predicting that a further 20 percent devaluation will occur nationally over the course of next year, as perfectly intelligent folks walk away from these financially devastating mortgage obligations. Furthermore, 75 percent of American households are down to less than $45,000 in liquid assets largely because there is virtually no interest income to be obtained throughout the entire banking system. What the Crawford gang is accomplishing by promoting urban sprawl is increasing the county’s unfunded liabilities and budget deficits since providing urban “levels of service” across large unincorporated areas like Birch Bay or Birch Point simply costs more than public infrastructure and services do within existing city limits.
Contemplate that well over 50 percent of American homeowners will soon have a very serious negative equity situation consuming most of their disposable income and then ask yourself why the Crawford gang should be dealing in government sponsored real estate speculation by spending county taxpayers funds on infrastructure that under the GMA and SEPA laws should either have been paid for by developers or not approved.
Lincoln Rutter

The Editor:

In response to last week’s rants about the dead deer photo (December 2 issue) I would like to congratulate the young man and The Northern Light for sharing. No time spent with family is wrong. This was a memory both the young man and family members will remember for a lifetime.
You people need to realize this is not The Seattle Times but a local paper. Sharpen your pencil and find a more worthy cause to complain about. Please take the time to explain this to your children.
Leo Baldwin
(A lover of animals as well.)

The Editor:
I would like to have it be known to all of the employees of Cherry Point Refinery that my family and I are sincerely appreciative of their efforts to better the Birch Bay/ Blaine community.
I am impressed by the way such a large corporation involves itself so personally in local activities and in the sincere manner in which they participate. BP sponsors many local interests throughout the year but it is at Christmas time all the staff seems genuinely focused on nothing more than brightening someone’s day.
I know this time of year wouldn’t be half as cheery as it is for my family was it not for their generosity and evident good will. I cannot thank them enough for showing so much holiday spirit.
I am aware that other corporations seem only to engage in public affairs when they may benefit from them by means of advertising or tax incentives but BP, I feel you guys truly care about the individuals living in the area. Merry Christmas!
Duncan Light


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