Letters to the Editor April 28 - May 4, 2011

Published on Thu, Apr 28, 2011
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The Editor:
David White’s latest piece of informative mush takes the cake. Is the only way for Mr. White to make a statement about his disdain for our government to insult our children and our local educators?
Seriously Mr. White, these children did not vote in all of the legislators who have made the decisions that have led to our current economic nightmare, the adults did. These children have not waged wars, driven up debt or over-inflated property values, the adults did.
These children are doing the best with what they are provided with. Do you really suggest that the failures and greed of Wall Street and Fanny Mae are justification to cease with the care of our children educationally?
What is your point Mr. White? Is it to write a letter to a small town newspaper insulting the vast majority of the community and yet not offer any realistic solutions? Do we continue to provide a substandard academic setting for them so that our country can continue down this dismal path?
Or through our actions do we say that we as adults have created a mess for your generation and we are going to rely on your wisdom to clean it up, therefore, the least we can do is provide you with an acceptable learning environment.
The least we can do is to provide you with current technology so you have a competitive chance to pursue your dreams.
For those of you out there who are concerned about what faces our children, do we really have any other choice but to do everything we can to send them out there on the right foot?
Despite the insufficient environment that they are currently being educated in, Blaine sends out into the world very well educated young adults. Talk about making the most out of what you have!
Off the top of my head I know of acceptance letters for current Blaine students from exceptional establishments like UW, Penn State, UBC, oh, and a little place called Stanford–skull of mush … In your future tangents, please get your facts straight.

Julie Butschli

Dear Editor:
This last Monday I had an enjoyable, thrilling, and rewarding experience that I would like to share with other readers. This was a once in a lifetime experience, although I intend to do it again, and one that most people will never have the opportunity to experience.  
What I did was to help harvest oysters in Drayton Harbor!  I know that some people love oysters and others would not even care to think about slurping one from the shell; in fact, I won’t share my first taste.  
Since then I have learned to enjoy this meat of the ocean, and over the last two years I have had the opportunity to occasionally enjoy some of these fruits of Drayton Harbor fried, roasted and raw. I found this local shellfish to be the best tasting that I have ever had, and I have eaten oysters in a number of locations throughout the world.  Recently I heard that the Puget Sound Restoration Fund was looking for volunteers to help harvest and sort oysters, and I made contact.
What makes me especially excited about this food that is unique to Blaine is exactly that, this is a natural product of our city! I learned that oyster farming has been ongoing in Drayton Harbor for over a hundred years. It has had its ups and downs, and lately the downs have been more common.  
Sometimes the farming is even prohibited because of fecal contaminants! I’m talking about poop here, both animal and human.  Not only do these contaminants stop oyster farming, but they also act to prohibit other activities like clamming, crabbing, fishing, swimming by humans and can even make boating/kayaking a less than pleasant experience.  
No, I am not complaining because I cannot enjoy shellfish all the time.  What I am saying is that Drayton Harbor should be one of, if not the most, prominent values of Blaine, Whatcom County and the entire northwestern Pacific area including our neighboring areas in Canada. Did you know that the primary function of oysters and other shellfish like crabs is to clean ocean waters? The more polluted the water, the tougher their job.  
And, no, I am not pointing any fingers, but I am asking readers to think about what you can do to improve the quality of Drayton Harbor and all of its inhabitants whether they lie on the bottom, swim through the depths, fly over the waves, skim the currents or just enjoy watching some of the most spectacular sunsets of this world.

Vernon Tabb



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