Letters to the Editor May 26 - June 1, 2011

Published on Wed, May 25, 2011
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The Editor:
I was shocked to read Jason Overstreet’s recent comments on the floor of the Capitol comparing basic reproductive health services to eugenics. The state legislature was discussing a bill that would expand Planned Parenthood’s “Take Charge” family planning program that helps struggling families cover the cost of birth control, pap smears and cervical cancer screenings.
Speaking against this common-sense bill, Jason Overstreet said, “This is about population control. This emanates from Margaret Singer and the eugenics movement. The idea that it is better if we snub those lights out.”
Giving struggling families access to needed medical services is not eugenics, it is both practical and responsible. Many of my friends rely on this program not out of a desire for “population control” as Rep. Overstreet suggests, but because they are being responsible with their lives and the lives they might create. Rep. Overstreet should be ashamed of his over-the-top rhetoric; it has no place in the reasonable discourse of the public office.  

Riley Sweeney

The Editor:
What total joy it was to be at the Christensen Grove dedication at Marine Park on Friday afternoon, May 20.
Presented to the city by the Christensens’ daughter, Linda Hunt, the beauty of the grove speaks to the community spirit and outreach that were so much a part of Harold and Evelyn Christensens’ lives. Harold and Evelyn  brought a great deal of love and generosity to our community for many years, and their commitment to sharing and caring now continues on for all to enjoy in this very special space.
It’s fitting that the Christensen Grove is the product of a great deal of cooperation: the Hunt family, the parks board and the landscape architect responsible for the design and various city departments. Special thanks go to City of Blaine staff members Debbie Harger, Alex Wenger, Michael Jones, and Steve Banham for their vision for the Grove and their detailed planning for the dedication. And special thanks also go to Patricia Jorgensen and Marjorie Reichhardt  for the music they played in honor of their friends Harold and Evelyn.
Stop by the grove on your first opportunity. Just head down Marine Drive and look for the totem pole. It is a serenely beautiful place, and you’ll want to spend some time there.  
For me, the creation of Christensen Grove and Friday’s dedication epitomize much that is good in this community that I’ve come to call home:  a spirit of giving, a spirit of caring, a spirit of appreciation, and a reverence for the natural beauty that surrounds us.   

Ken Trupp  

The Editor:
One Saturday, May 28, at 10:30 a.m. there will be an exciting demonstration of tai chi led by Blaine’s own Guo Cheng.
As part of the opening events for this year’s Blaine Gardeners Market, Guo and her team of tai chi artists will demonstrate traditional tai chi, including fan and sword movements. Gather at the G Street Plaza in downtown Blaine to be amazed at the colors, ritual and style of the tai chi group’s presentation.

Richard Blackburn

The Editor:
Randy Maddon,  you are a hypocrite. Mr. White needs to check his facts? Mr. White?! I quote, “George W. Bush ran up the national debt more during his term in office than all previous administrations combined.”
More than 50 percent of the debt accumulated by the Bush administration was accumulated during Bush’s last year in office, largely due to the bailout loans of 2008, which had much more to do with Congress.
Sixty-five percent of all votes for the bill were made by Democrats, while 63 percent of the nays were cast by Republicans. George Bush did not run up that huge debt; the liberals in Congress did.
You criticized Mr. White’s disrespectful tone, then called him a “Republican tool,” insulted him for repeating things that have been on the radio and implied that he should leave the country. I have a bit of a problem with people who get offended by things and then do those offensive things themselves.
Our education system is undeniably flawed. When I can get to a senior English class without knowing what a predicate is, or the difference between a pronoun and a proper noun, when I can go through an AP Statistics class without reading the book or learning half the material and never drop below a C, there’s something wrong.
American students are falling behind students from almost every other country that bothers to send students to be tested. Randy said that our “much slower pace” is “because of the massive cuts in education implemented by the previous Republican administrations.” That’s utterly ridiculous. America’s standings in international tests have been getting worse for decades. To blame the current situation on any one president is completely illogical.
We have a constitutionally protected right to free speech. Freedom of speech means freedom to criticize, freedom to insult, freedom to offend. The Constitution protects the rights that need protection, like the right to say things that others don’t want us to say. We wouldn’t need a constitution to protect our right to say things people want to hear.

Andrew Montgomery

The Editor:
Proud Warriors
Come we now
To Memorial Day
To honor those
Who’ve passed away
Slain upon
Elysian’s field
To the tyrant’s boot
They refused to yield
Honor them
For they were true
Giving their lives
For me and you
We are free
For what they gave
Leaving now
A noble grave
So honor them
On this day
Proud warriors
Now passed away

George G. Tranberg



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