Letters to the Editor - June 9-15, 2011

Published on Thu, Jun 9, 2011
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The Editor:

I want to thank everyone who had a hand in helping  us get our carriage business off the ground.
That includes the members of Whatcom County Council (especially Barbara Brenner), the Alesses at the C Shop and The Northern Light for the publicity.
On Thursday from 5-7 p.m. at the farmers market in Birch Bay and again Saturday, June 18 from 2-4 p.m. at the gardeners market in Blaine, we will be giving rides for a dollar to support both markets and also to let everyone know we are out and about with Ally and her surrey with the fringe on the top.

Roger Edmonds

The Editor:

This spring, I wandered down a walkway from the Blaine Library to the main street. To my left, forests and birds chirping accompanied by sound waves from Cain Creek. To my right, tall grasses waving in a soft wind, an occasional “weed” with flowers that would put a few conventional flowers to shame.
Tis no more. The grasses and “weeds” that provided food and habitat are no more. It’s now a hayfield with brown grasses that someone forgot to bale. Where once there was charm in an island of nature, now uglification. Pity.

Ken Knutsen

The Editor:

My name is Alexis McElwain, and I am a freshman at Blaine High School. I am writing to ask for the support of the community.
In March, I was invited to try out for the Washington-Oregon State Basketball Team as a part of Junior Nationals. Junior Nationals is an international sports festival that focuses on basketball. I competed against 200 high school athletes for one of 13 spots and was selected for the Washington team. At Junior Nationals, there will be hundreds of scouts watching me play from colleges all over the United States.
This is a chance for me to improve my skills and be noticed by prestigious universities. I am an honors student at Blaine high and dream of going to college. The cost of the trip is not affordable to my family in these times. I am hopeful that with financial support from the community, I can raise enough money to attend the 10-day event in July.
 My deadline to raise money for entry fees is June 20. I would be grateful if you could help me take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Please email me at
alexis_mcelwain@yahoo.com for more information or to help in my fundraising.
I appreciate all the support the community gives to Blaine High School and its students and athletes. Thank you.

Alexis McElwain

The Editor:

I would like to thank Deputy Langley for his hard work in the Birch Bay area. I am very happy that he has helped clean up the Sunday Harbor Community. It’s nice not having as much traffic coming and going at all hours for their five-minute visit or their 12-hour stay.
Also, it will be nice not finding as many needles in the grass or on the road. There is a little more clean-up to do, but it will come. We are a growing neighborhood with singles, couples and families with children. We want a good name and Deputy Langley, you are helping with that!
You’ve always been courteous, helpful and willing to listen. I wish you well on your health and hope to see you back in the neighborhood soon.

Kerry Mace
Birch Bay

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