Letters to the Editor: September 1 - September 8, 2011

Published on Wed, Aug 31, 2011
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The Editor:

As a small-business owner in Birch Bay I would like to state my intent to assist in the re-election of councilwoman Barbara Brenner. The fact that she has pledged to spend only $5,000 on her campaign as she is wholeheartedly against wasting funds allocated to her and the fact that she has given up her own business to carry on her mission in the various public programs that she supports is proof to me that she is in it for the betterment of our county.
As the 2010-2011 vice president of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce and a Birch Bay business owner, I had the opportunity to assist Joel Pearson with Pearson’s Athletics in the 43rd Annual Birch Bay Marathon. As an oversight, the marathon forgot to apply for the permits and faced a real threat of the event being cancelled two days prior. To top it off all the individuals who would sign off on the necessary permits were on vacation.
As this marathon has proven to be a great boost to the Birch Bay economy as well as a fundraiser for various Whatcom County athletic programs, you can imagine my concern! As an active advocate for Birch Bay and Whatcom County I wrote to Barbara pleading for her help, and she immediately responded by bringing the issue before the county executive’s office, who in turn immediately assisted us in obtaining approval to carry on.
Barbara was also a great supporter of Birch Bay’s first annual music festival benefiting WeSnip.org and with her own personal donation helped us raise nearly $4,000.
I would like to thank Ms. Brenner for her continued support and would like to urge everyone to recognize her as a true leader of our community.

Tammy Pearce
Birch Bay

The Editor:

My wife and I have been watching with great interest as the local battle shapes up to see who really controls the fortunes and future of Whatcom County’s land uses and local jobs, which may become available if the Gateway Pacific Terminal ever gets approved and built at Cherry Point.
It is gratifying to see that some people such as Whatcom County civil prosecutor Royce Buckingham will stand up to the well funded, outside interests of lawyers Jean Melious and Jan Hasselman from Seattle-based Earthjustice (aka The Sierra Club).
These lawyers would seek ways to shut down this entire project over a minor fine issue and use legal chicanery in order to scuttle this terminal and take any jobs away before the project even has a chance to be reviewed and approved by the local taxpayers’ ballots.
Once again many local people are looking and hoping for an opportunity to create employment for several hundred people in this town. There are few job opportunities here since Viva Pharmaceutical pulled the plug on their 200,000-square-foot proposed plant here in Blaine.
I sincerely hope that local people in Whatcom County get to decide this issue about their own future and the future of jobs in this town. This issue should not be decided by legal trickery from fat cat environmental lawyers who already have well paying jobs at the expense of many people locally who do not.

Charles D. Robbins

The Editor:

The Salishan Neighborhood Association is sponsoring another beach cleanup/work party at Telescope Beach at Marine Park at 9 a.m. on Saturday, September 3.
Anyone interested in improving this wonderful and under-utilized beach is invited to join in the beach party and you don’t have to be a member.
The Salishan Neighborhood Association has been working with the City of Blaine to make this section of Marine Park shoreline more accessible and user friendly by removing weeds and debris.
If you want to learn more about what possibilities could happen at this diamond in the rough in the future, please stop in on Saturday. For those who want to be more engaged, the work party this Saturday will involve mostly removing the blackberry bushes and the weeds that have grown back since the last work party. If you are interested, bring heavy gloves and long sleeves to protect yourself from the blackberries. You’ll probably want to bring your favorite tools for cutting, chopping, digging and raking. And don’t forget to bring some water to drink.
Richard Sturgill will be there also removing weeds and helping to coordinate the work and has agreed to bring many of his garden tools for those who may not have tools available. The nearby water fountain is broken, but the spigot works.
See you at the telescope in Marine Park at 9 a.m.

Janet Pickard
President, Salishan
Neighborhood Association

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