Letters to the Editor: September 22 - 28, 2011

Published on Wed, Sep 21, 2011
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The Editor:

Forty years ago the writers of this letter were both involved in “South Bellingham” and “Southside” real estate development. It took a lot of confusion and evolvement until the true and correct name for one of the county’s favorite retail and restaurant districts to become known as “Fairhaven” – again (its original name).
The local postmaster states that any letter addressed to Blaine Harbor, WA 98230 will get to its destination. As a tourist enhancement of just tribute to this beautiful corner of the United States, all of our local signs and mail should reflect what should be and hopefully will be sooner than later: Blaine Harbor, Washington.

Ken Imus and Joel Douglas

The Editor:

This letter is being written to implore the driver of the black Chevy SUV who struck and injured my son on September 2 of this year to please come forward. The accident occurred on H Street adjacent to the soccer field.
We understand that in the heat of the moment decisions can be made in haste and sometimes those decisions can be the wrong thing to do. We wish to offer you the opportunity to do the right thing. We also request any of the individuals who witnessed the accident contact us at 360/371-2972 to provide additional information so that we can better understand how the event occurred.
We believe the driver to be a Blaine resident, and therefore one of our neighbors. As neighbors, we want to assure her that there is no animosity. We simply ask her to search her heart and conscience and that she finds it possible to acknowledge her responsibility to the young man she injured.

Yvonne Ragsdale

The Editor:

The northwest corner of Whatcom County is a great place to live and play.
The Northwest Park and Recreation District #2 (NWPRD2) has been busy over the last three years carefully spending our tax levy monies to enhance the recreational resources and opportunities for the Birch Bay and Blaine communities.
Open meetings were held for the community to decide how the 2008 levy money was to be spent. Resulting NWPRD2 accomplishments over the last three years:
Bay Horizon County Park:
Gym restoration and new activity center
Playground installation
City of Blaine:
Hughes Bayview Park enhancement
Peace Portal Community Trail
Marine Park birding shelters
Dakota Creek kayak launch
Salishan Park seasonal restroom facilities
Community projects:
Blaine Senior Center exercise equipment
Drayton Harbor Maritime sailing school
Blaine Boys & Girls Club “Teach Me To  
    Golf” program
Blaine Youth Baseball program support
Support for the Grateful Dogs Unleashed  
    dog park
Blaine Primary School drama program
Recreation activity programs
Your tax dollars have been well spent. The residents of our communities have greatly benefited from the ongoing educational and recreational opportunities provided by NWPRD2. Do the math. The levy asks for 10 cents per thousand – that’s about 20 bucks a year! Voting yes for parks and rec is the best deal in town!
For more info go to www.nwparkandrec.org.

Doralee Booth

The Editor:

Last Wednesday at 10 a.m. I began walking with a group led by NWPRD2 staff Heidi Holmes. We met at their new Bay Horizon office in Whatcom County’s Bay Horizon Park off Alderson Road near Birch Bay. Eight men and women strolled south on the nearly level trail through woods and grassland, until we encountered the streets and sidewalks of the Baycrest community, with its plethora of inviting front yards. Gardeners among us queried and identified flowers and shrubs. I huffed and puffed along, pushing myself as fast as I could comfortably go, using my walking stick to propel me a bit faster than my usual leisurely stroll. The other seven on three occasions politely waited a couple minutes for me to catch up. We got acquainted as we walked, with longtime Blaine residents sharing history and newcomers sharing ideas. When we returned to the office, we appreciated the restrooms and drinking water and admired the shiny gymnasium floor, ready for basketball and volleyball players.
The walks are scheduled to continue every Wednesday at 10 a.m., alternating between Blaine and Birch Bay locations. On September 28 we’ll meet near the Bay Center shops and walk along the beach.
I applaud NWPRD2 for its sensible use of funds to build things and to serve people. Please support their levy request for continued funding from this corner of Whatcom County.

Janet G. Hansen

The Editor:

I am very hopeful that area residents will support the Northwest Park and Recreation District 2 levy which is coming up shortly. I happened to be looking at their website and oh my, do they have some fun things going on: swimming lessons (indoor heated pool), tai chi classes, walking groups, bike rides, and coming soon, classes in women’s self defense and Red Cross certified babysitting training.
The levy costs 10 cents per $1,000 valuation, so a $200,000 home would generate $20 a year. Sounds like a great deal to me! If we spent that $20 on our parks and recreation district instead of, say, pop, chips and ice cream, we’d be so much healthier, also assuming we took advantage of what District 2 has to offer! Their website is www.nwparkandrec.org, in case anybody wants to look.

Corey Priddy

The Editor:

It’s hard to believe, but summer finally came to Blaine, and now it’s considering leaving again for another nine months.
While the sun did shine over our wonderful community, the Drayton Harbor Maritime Community Sailing School completed its fourth successful year of teaching sailing and water safety in our community. The secret to our success has been our wonderful partnerships, and this is a great time to say thank you to the Blaine Harbor Marina team for their flexibility, and the use of the Monkey Island sailing area at gate #3. I’d also send a wonderful thank you to the Northwest Park and Recreation District #2 for their youth scholarships, logistical support, and the operating money we applied to insure the program.
And who can forget what fun Drayton Harbor Days were, and a big thank you to Debbie Morley and her team at West Marine Express for their support of the West Marine DHM Community Sailing School Regatta. The prizes for the races, and the water safety equipment provided by West Marine made the races possible again for the fourth year.
There have been so many others that pitched in to help this year including the city of Blaine, Blaine public schools, Richard Sturgill and Drayton Harbor Maritime, The Northern Light newspaper, and all of our sailers who invested their time to learn to safely sail. We hope to see you all again next year when dinghy sailing and sunshine return to Blaine.

Ron Snyder and Graham Hunter

The Editor:

How is it that we the taxpayers (called the city of Blaine) have to pay for street construction oversights? An added $5,000 to fix a “too steep driveway,” even though owner Ted Angell told all in advance that he would not be able to get his RV out to the street.
I would like to remind our people and the city of Blaine that the Colacurcio brothers got this job with a bid that was not the lowest because of a so-called paperwork technicality. It seems to me that they should have a built-in cushion to pay for mistakes.
Of course, to be encouraging, the street is now pretty. It does not seem to function any different – except now it is a bigger speed trap as we try to hold down our speed going down a smooth hill. And the rocks. What can I say about the rocks in the dividers?
I will say this: it is no more functional than the ridiculous roundabouts on Guide Meridian and down by our harbor. Which of our elected goofs thought of those? Are not those things supposed to make traffic flow more smoothly? You cruise along with the traffic when suddenly you look up and everyone is stopping. The worst one might just be the one on Cordata near Costco – that one has a crosswalk in it to add to the drama. How many rear-end collisions will occur as we try not to run over crossing students?

Signed, a very frustrated tax payer.
Ray Manthano

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