Letters to the Editor: December 20 - January 2

Published on Wed, Dec 19, 2012
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The Editor:

It was a dark and stormy night! Just a late, but so appreciated thank you to the kindness of the Canadian couple who stopped to help this old Blaine lady who ran out of gas on the freeway. Waving down help was so frustrating and futile until you stopped. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Dorothy Bush

The Editor:

I want to thank Nicki’s Diner for being a drop-off zone for Christmas letters to Santa. We arrived for one of their amazing messy, juicy and flavorful burgers on Monday afternoon, and were pleasantly surprised to see a quaint station set up for young and old kids alike to write their own letters to Santa. 
Pencils, paper and envelopes were provided on tables fit perfectly for little people, along with boxes of crayons and coloring books. My four-year-old daughter was able to “dictate” her letter to Santa while I wrote it out for her, and she colored a lovely picture also. We wrote our return address on the 
envelope and set it in their beautifully decorated mailbox with the flag up, in anticipation of Santa receiving our letter. 
If that wasn’t exciting enough, the lovely waitress told us we could expect to hear from Santa in the very near future and to keep our eyes on our mailbox. For any of you parents or grandparents out there who are looking for a great place to eat, a wonderful activity for your little person, and an opportunity to have a sane and family-friendly meal with your kidlets, the Peterson family highly recommends going to Nicki’s Diner! They’re accepting letters to Santa until December 21.

Heather (and Elizabeth) Peterson

The Editor:

How does the Blaine Food Bank (BFB) say “thank you”? 
It is with great pride in our communities and deep gratitude for the local residents that BFB volunteers announce we successfully raised $25,000, which was the original goal set by a generous benefactor. Last August a local resident challenged BFB to raise $25,000 by December 15, and he would match the donations up to an equal amount. We did it! 
Our goal was not only matched, but with a flurry of last minute donations, it was exceeded as we ended the challenge with more than $30,000 in cash donations. Blaine Food Bank volunteers were especially gratified because when the challenge was announced to the community, our local residents, churches, schools and businesses listened. From the smallest donation to the largest, our communities responded to the plea overwhelmingly.  
Who comes to the food bank? Your neighbors, your friends, your family and people who you attend church with are all among those coming to visit the food bank once a week. Or, described another way, people who are out of work, low-income families, senior citizens, veterans of the armed services, the disabled, single moms or dads, or anyone who temporarily needs help are represented by every person who makes their way to BFB. 
Who is eligible to receive help from the food bank? With legal documentation proving they live in Birch Bay, Blaine or Custer, BFB will give food to any family or individual who walks through our front door asking for help. Thank you for helping us to help others. With these donations, there will be milk and eggs far into 2013!

Robin Kendall and all the BFB volunteers 

The Editor:

On behalf of Drayton Harbor Maritime’s (DHM) board of directors and the venerable Plover Ferry, I want to say thank you to the Semiahmoo Yacht Club (SYC) for their continuing financial support of the ferry including this year’s timely and welcomed gift of $1,000.
These funds are already being used to help cover the cost to repair the Plover’s diesel engine’s head, which failed during sea trials earlier this month. Captain Sam Clemens has removed the engine’s head and it was delivered along with a spare to a machine shop in Mount Vernon where the original will be pressure tested and inspected to resolve what the problem may be. If it is determined that the head is defective and can’t be fixed we will retire it and rebuild the spare head.
One way or another DHM is determined to get the little ferry back running; SYC’s generous gift will go a long way toward that goal. Again, thank you to Semiahmoo Yacht Club for helping to keep our community’s treasured little 1944 historic Plover foot passenger ferry and its maritime traditions going.  

Captain Richard C. Sturgill

The Editor:

I had a thought the other morning while walking my dog. The Blaine airport is closed and transected by a street and a building, but the ends are open. 
I don’t know how many RC modelers there are in Blaine or Birch Bay, but couldn’t they use the south end for aircraft and the north end for ground vehicles?
I also don’t know about liabilities or from whom to seek permission for such a thing, but it could have far-reaching effects in the realm of meets and competitions.
Might be something … just an idea.

Michael W. Smith

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