Letters to the Editor: January 31, 2013

Published on Wed, Jan 30, 2013
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The Editor:

I just read the article by Ian Ferguson on the front page of the January 24-30 issue of The Northern Light, pertaining to the Birch Bay berm project.

I’m a little confused and perhaps your readers can help me out. As I understand it, when there is a county project such as this, it is usually put up for bids. If so, has that process already happened? 

In the first paragraph of the article it says, “Engineering firms are scoping the project.” Yet further down in the article it seems that Everett-based Reid Middleton is the “preferred choice.” (Just curious, does Reid Middleton have any relationship with Roland Middleton who is the Whatcom County project manager?)

So as I said, it all seems very off to me. Shouldn’t we try to consider employing locals instead of bringing in companies from other areas? I would think that would be one of the first considerations – our community. And I am not just talking about environment – what about the people who live here and who need work? 

I welcome all replies, as I truly do not understand the process and who makes the decisions if not for open bids or public approval. 

Mary Garrett

Birch Bay

The Editor:

I was driving along Blaine Road on Saturday, January 26 around noon, when I came upon cars backed up on both sides of the road. From a distance I saw a little dark figure lying there on the road. Being an animal lover, I knew it was a dog hit by a car and, as I slowly drove by, I saw it was a Border Collie. It had been there at least 10 minutes by the time I got there. I pulled over and told them there was a vet about a quarter of a mile ahead. A man said the person that hit the dog just left. He was waiting for police. Another man came up and suggested we take her to the vet before it was too late.

I got a blanket and he backed his car up and I then drove ahead to let the vet know they were coming. This man carried the dog in and once the vet saw it she said she was dying. I felt sick, and was saddened.

My reason for writing to the public is to ask, please, if you have a pet, be responsible and do not let it roam. Even if you have acreage, make a designated area for your pets, otherwise they will roam and get hit, and you will never know why they don’t come home. If you are the person who hit this little dog, shame on you for not stopping to help. To everyone – if you see something hurt, don’t just drive by. Whether it’s people or animals, try to help.

My last plea is to either care for your pets, be a responsible owner and have feelings for these creatures, or don’t have them. I also wanted to thank that wonderful stranger who picked the dog up and carried her into his vehicle and to the vet. Because of you she died having people around her that cared. Thank you to the vet on Blaine Road and staff who stopped everything to help.

D. Kelm

Birch Bay

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