Letters to the editor: July 25 - 31, 2013

Published on Wed, Jul 24, 2013
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The Editor:
Zigzag & Ragz Z Clowns would like to thank the Blaine Chamber of Commerce for having the best Fourth of July parade! We enjoyed meeting some of your parade guests, plus the crowd was smiles from end to end.
We look forward to next year. Thank you again.
Zigzag & Rag Z Clowns

The Editor:
The Blaine Family Services Center will distribute school supplies to students and families in need again this year. Donations are very much needed to ensure enough supplies for all.
Last year more than 250 low-income students were provided with basic supplies during the first few days of school. Donated supplies can be dropped off at the Blaine school district office during regular business hours. Supplies needed include pencils, erasers, glue sticks, colored pencils, washable colored markers, pencil pouches and boxes, scissors, binders, filler paper, composition notebooks and medium and large backpacks.
If you would like to donate money for supplies you can either drop it off at the district office or mail it to: Jessie Burton, Family Service Center, Blaine School District, 765 H Street, Blaine, WA 98230. All donations of goods and monies are tax 
Supplies will be distributed from 9:30 a.m. to noon, Tuesday, August 27. For more information, call 360/332-0740. 
Jessie Burton

The Editor:
We urge Blaine residents who live in Ward 2 to cast their vote for Charlie Hawkins, who is running for re-election to Blaine City Council. Charlie well deserves to continue serving his constituents and citizens of Blaine in that capacity.
While he is usually a man of few words, to see Charlie during council meetings and study sessions is revealing. He is well prepared; and he watches, carefully listens, and is respectful of his co-council members and attendees. He doesn’t pre-judge, asks questions when he has them and reserves his personal opinions until a conclusion is reached. When voting on the matter before the council, he does so having considered the written background as well as additional information and concerns presented.
Charlie considers divergent viewpoints, and will reconsider matters where the information presented warrants it. He votes according to what he believes to be in the overall interest of his constituents and what he believes is good for the city as a whole. He is respectful of those who will be affected by the decision. He is not extreme and looks for a balance when contentious issues are before the council.
Charlie has lifelong roots, close ties and extended family here. He cherishes living in Blaine and wants to continue to help our city to flourish and make good use of and develop the many assets that Blaine has to offer. He wants to see Blaine grow in ways that will suit our residents without corrupting the quality of life we enjoy.
Charlie’s council record and lifetime of other civic and business involvement here demonstrate his love for and continuing commitment to our community. He understands and appreciates Blaine’s history and wants to continue to help our city to remain a desirable place to live and to raise a family, as he and his wife have.
He has done a good job for all of us. We urge you to vote for Charlie Hawkins.
Bob and Lois Franco

The Editor:
In this year’s Whatcom County Council elections, I am voting for fiscal responsibility. I want tax dollars spent on things that provide a return on investment, such as infrastructure, clean air and water and protection of habitat. These things are the result of sound planning. Because Whatcom County will be updating its comprehensive plan in 2016, I am voting for candidates who can plan wisely for our future.
I do not want my tax dollars spent promoting more sprawl, or wasted on litigating, over and over again, the county’s defiant refusal to comply with the Growth Management Act. The ideologues on the county council need to be sent home because they spend public funds to promote special interests, and are openly contemptuous of citizens who advocate on behalf of the general public. Being out of compliance with the Growth Management Act has financial consequences for all taxpayers. The county loses opportunities for state grants and low-cost loans, and it incurs opportunity costs. The money wasted on pointless litigation could have been used on efforts to restore Lake 
If you want public funds to be spent in the public’s own interest, if you believe the county needs to comply with state and federal laws, and that local government needs to respect all of its citizens, the choice is clear. Please vote for Carl Weimer, Rud Browne, Ken Mann and Barry Buchanan.
Wendy Harris

The Editor:
Over the last year I’ve been working to educate myself on city and county issues that run parallel with what is important to me. And I’m seeing that it’s important to not stop there – I need to find out the character and experience of those in city and county office position who have a strong part in shaping policy for our community. 
After meeting Barry Buchanan several weeks ago, I knew I’d found just that person. Barry Buchanan is a candidate for Whatcom County Council. He’s optimistic and respectful in working with everyone, no matter what side of the issue. He has honed his skill, through four years on the Bellingham City Council, to carefully study each issue no matter how complex. 
Whether it is the issue of a no-coal port future, right-size jail or emergency services for all the community, I trust Barry to make good decisions for our community’s well-being.
Nancy Orlowski

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