Letters to the editor: February 27 - March 5, 2014

Published on Wed, Feb 26, 2014
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The Editor:
Many people have heard conflicting information regarding the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal (GPT). For example, some say GPT’s coal stockpiles would be completely covered and there would be no coal dust emissions, while others say GPT’s coal stockpiles would be uncovered and would produce coal dust emissions. 
What is true? What are the facts? To find out, some of your neighbors formed a group called Save Birch Bay. Save Birch Bay is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group of concerned citizens who volunteer their time and resources to study the official GPT proposal and to inform their communities regarding the facts and potential impacts of GPT.
Save Birch Bay has written a document, “The Proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal Facts and Impacts,” and made it available for you to read at the Blaine library. Copies also have been distributed to libraries, newspapers, businesses and organizations in Ferndale, Lynden and Bellingham. 
The document summarizes key facts contained in the official 312-page GPT project application and substantiates these facts with reprints of the original pages found in the official GPT application. Additionally, the document presents GPT’s potential impacts with a focus on communities closest to Cherry Point. The potential impacts are substantiated with a list of 24 references.
The document is divided into 11 sections. In the section on coal stockpiles you can see for yourself that GPT would have uncovered coal stockpiles and that those coal stockpiles would emit coal dust. It’s a fact.
Paula Rotondi
Birch Bay

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