Can’t say ‘no’ to a boy and his arrows...

Published on Thu, Feb 8, 2001 by Meg Olson

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Can’t say ‘no’ to a boy and his arrows...

By Meg Olson

There may be no business in Blaine that feels the prick of cupid’s arrows quite as much as Blaine Bouquet. This Valentine’s Day the local florist expects to go through over 1,000 roses and make over 100 deliveries, bearing flowery proclamations from local lovers.

“It’s definitely our busiest single day,” said co-owner Kim Miller. She expects to be especially busy this year, with the big day falling midweek. “They want to make an impact and there’s no question getting a dozen roses at work makes an impact,” she laughed.

According to floral designer Diane Meichsner, the favorite this year and every year is an old standby - red roses. “We’ll make a few bouquets but it’s really about roses, roses, roses,” she said.” Meichsner suggested rose fanciers take advantage of the price of roses this Valentine’s Day, which is the same as last year. “People will probably see a big difference next year with the impact of energy costs,” she said.

Roses say “I love you,” but they can be saying more than that. Two roses wired or taped together, especially a red and a white one, celebrate the joy of unity and marriage, and have been used when asking for a lady’s hand. A full-blown rose placed above two buds is a symbol of secrecy and lovers have used it to beg for a tryst. If you get a rose leaf back from your lover after you’ve sent her a dozen roses, don’t feel slighted: it means she returns your affection. Meichsner said that, while letting flowers do some talking for you can be fun, don’t take your Valentine bouquet too literally. “There is often more than one meaning for any one flower,” she said. Orange flowers, for example can mean either hate, or passion.

Blaine Bouquet is also overflowing with another Valentine standard - chocolate. The store’s selection runs the chocolate gamut, from individual packets of hot chocolate with the suggestive name Caffé D’Amore or single succulent truffles, to weighty chocolate kisses.

“These are the biggest kisses around,” Miller said, hefting a huckleberry chocolate chuck from A Kiss of Washington. “When we saw them, we knew they’d make the perfect weight for a bouquet of balloons.” They can supply not only the chocolate, but the balloons.

To round out the perfect Valentine delivery, Blaine Bouquet has brought in a selection of cards that can do all the talking for tongue-tied lovers. “They say everything guys want to say but can’t,” Meichsner grinned.

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