Mathletes shine at home

Published on Thu, Mar 8, 2001
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Mathletes shine at home

Earlier this year, Blaine high school student Brian Chang brought a handful of silver medals home from the state math championship in Ellensburg. Last weekend, he helped coach a team of fifth graders to second place in their division in the Whatcom County math championship at Blaine high school.

“I’m very proud of them, but I really shouldn’t take any credit for it,” said Chang. “After I had worked with them for a couple of weeks I realized they were the brightest group I had ever seen.” Chang gave credit for the success of all Blaine teams to the student themselves, as well as all who worked to help coach them.

Over 525 students from 26 elementary and middle schools around the county attended the March 3 event. Students competed first in individual tests on mental math, algebra, geometry and probability, then faced problems in four-man teams.
Patrick Mulholland was number one in the fifth grade individual competition and Danny Dougan took eighth.

In the team event Chang’s team of Patrick Mulholland, Garrett Swearingor, Danny Dougan and Mike Broyan were second in the fifth grade division, followed by Dylan Haines, Alex Bresnan, Ian Sitko and Nathan Tewalt in third.

In the seventh grade division, Marshal Gaskell, Greg Coulter, and Sam Abrams took sixth place. Eighth graders, Erika Ingham, Alex Abrams and Alex Cross were in seventh place for their

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