Calendar scam targets fans

Published on Thu, Mar 15, 2001
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Calendar scam targets fans

A company taking advantage of Borderite spirit in the community is trying to convince local businesses to buy advertising space in a calendar that may not exist.

“I’ve heard from business people who’ve gotten a call from a company, whose representatives say they’re located in the east, trying to sell ads for a football calendar,” said high school athletic director Gary Clausen. “They have no permission to do this from us. It’s just another scam.”

Blaine high school produces its own seasonal sports calendars, Clausen said. “We wouldn’t use a company back east,” he said. “We try to keep things local so the dollars stay in the county.”

Clausen said it isn’t the first time companies have tried to capitalize on school spirit, but he said buyers should make sure the product has the endorsement of the school and will benefit local students and teams. “If anyone gets an offer and they have questions they should call us,” he said.

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